Information about the Life of Vijay Eswaran

Vijay is a successful author who has written many books. He was born in the year 1960 in Panang and graduated in London School of Economics where he attained a degree on socio-economics. He has been an inspiration to many people all over the world through his books, as a motivational speaker, serial investor and even as an entrepreneur. He is very determined and committed to providing and caring for the less fortunate in the community. He has had a wide experience in management and being an entrepreneur having worked in different companies. In the year 1998, he co-founded a company together with Joseph Bismarck known as QI Group and became the executive chairman.

The company has grown and developed over the years especially because of the guidance of Vijay. It currently has many companies which have helped improve its services and investments such as QNET. Leaders in the company have led to its success by providing exemplary leadership skills in all the different management levels. The company has been able to grow and expand globally and has different opaZerations in different countries such as Malaysia and Hong Kong. Joseph Bismark is the managing director of QI Group and has been in the front line to ensure the company expands and invests in new areas for example health products and organic food.

His Life as an Author

Vijay Eswaran is determined to help people understand life through his books. He is a very determined and dedicated author who has written several books on different aspects of life. His major concerns while writing are motivation, life, investments, financial management as well as entrepreneurship. He has been offering motivational speaks to different businesses, universities and entrepreneurship platforms. Together with Joseph Bismark, they founded RHYTHM Foundations as part of QI Group whose aim is to help the society.

This organization targets the youth as well as the whole community and aims to uplift their living standard through leadership skills and education. He has written different books such as In the Sphere of Silence, In the Thinking Zone, Stepping Stones and many more. Vijay has mentored many people all over the world through his speeches, books and his dedication to help the needy.

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