Innovating with Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a peer-reviewed biomedical journal, known for breaking the latest news about cancer research. Recently, Oncotarget published research about new strategies for treating drug-resistant thyroid cancer. Specifically, they found that combining some drugs is much more effective than any single drug alone.

Thyroid cancer can be devastating. It’s a rare cancer, and breakthroughs are needed because it is not yet well understood. Oncotarget’s role as a journal is crucial. This journal is open-access and publishes twice per week. This is key because it allows researchers to share their results more easily than traditional journals do. For example, a traditional journal may publish monthly and require an expensive subscription. Oncotarget has broken down both of those walls. Visit Soundcloud to listen an audio podcast of Oncotarget.

This journal is closely focused on the subject of oncology, the study and treatment of cancer. Oncology is a crucial area of research. Everyone’s life has been touched by cancer. This disease claims thousands of lives each year, and can afflict everyone from children to the elderly. By making research more readily available, Oncotarget is helping to bring us all closer to the cure.


Recently, Oncotarget has removed another set of barriers. People today are busy, and reading is not always convenient for them. Because of that, Oncotarget makes video and audio versions of articles available. The journal has also launched a new podcast. This includes interviews with the authors of the research. It’s available on Stitcher, Player.FM and iTunes.

All of this media combines to bring a more holistic picture of the research to life for doctors and other biomedical researchers. Oncotarget knows that any news of novel treatments for dangerous conditions like thyroid cancer should be disseminated quickly. They’re one of the most efficient outlets in the world at doing just that. Learn more at

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