Interviewing Dr. David Samadi& Understanding his Passion

Dr. David Samadi is a member of the Lenox Hill Hospital team, which means a lot since this is one of the most prestigious hospitals providing help to those in need. Dr. Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the hospital, a title he has earned through years of experience and genuine passion for the craft. It took some time to get an interview with the medical professional, but he finally sat down to share a little about his life and what drives his craft.

Dr. David Samadi is not only a talented physician but also an adventurous one since he has helped patients in over 40 nations. His expertise in surgery, with the help of robotics, has earned him quite the reputation amongst experts and patients who want to be treated with state-of-the-art procedures. Dr. David Samadi focuses on treating prostate cancer, which is a delicate issue to deal with through surgery. Many times the patient ends up with some kind of nerve damage that causes issues like erectile dysfunction amongst many other problems.

The medical professional has served as a urology professor and has also hosted his own medical TV program, not to mention appearing on FOX News to offer a medical opinion on issues affecting Americans. During the interview, he spoke about his career and what drives him, which can be boiled down to an insatiable desire to help those in need. He wanted to do the very best he could for his patients, which is part of the reason robotic surgery was so attractive. He was introduced to this type of surgery in France. He discovered urologists in this country were using laparoscopic technology to perform surgery, which he could not resist. He lived in France for a whole year perfecting his craft using this new approach.

His passion for perfection has definitely helped Dr. David Samadi go far in his career. He points out that the most effective way for him to promote his services is now through word-of-mouth. It seems that the specialist does not spend nearly as much time adversing his services because the patients he’s served cannot wait to tell family or friends about Dr. Samadi’s work. Perhaps one thing that stands out the most about Dr. Samadi is his Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique, which is something he came up with. It helps him prevent nerve damage during prostate procedures. The techniques have proven to be quite effective, which is something he is very proud of.

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