Jeff Yastine Hopes To Help Individuals Build A Better Investment Portfolio

As the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing, Jeff Yastine has spent much of his time looking to develop the skills of everyday investors who are hoping to spend their time living a better life with the aid of the work of the former PBS broadcaster. Much of the trust the University of Florida graduate has earned over the years comes from the fact he spent more than a decade working as the anchor and correspondent for the “PBS Nightly Business Report”, his work on which gave Yastine an Emmy nomination. Follow Jeff Yastine on Facebook.

After so long in the public eye, Jeff Yastine decided to step back from his role with PBS and seek out ways of bringing his own investment advice to the public. Joining Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015 as Editorial Director has afforded Yastine the opportunity to develop his role providing the best in investment advice through his work as a columnist and blogger for the company including his regular columns for “Total Wealth Insider”; over the course of his career, Jeff Yastine has spent much of his time looking to find the best opportunities for his social media followers to make their fortune on the markets.


One of the most important pieces of work being conducted by Jeff Yastine over the last few years has been his discovery of the truth behind the so-called “Kennedy Accounts”. This program was given the name, Direct Stock Purchase Plans which allowed individuals to purchase stocks at low prices without the need for high broker fees which often restrict the ability of everyday people to get involved in the stock market; Jeff Yastine believes these stocks can make a major difference to the lives of everyday American who are often unaware of how to invest their money in an effective manner.

In the view of Jeff Yastine, there is much to be grateful for in the current market and he believes the decision to invest should be accompanied by the best advice including investments to rival purchasing expensive stocks like Amazon. Kroger is one of the companies Yastine recommends purchasing as they are currently ripe for a buyout following the purchase of Whole Foods by Amazon. Visit to know more about Jeff Yastine.

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