Jose Hawilla and The Fantastic Business Qualities He Has To Run Traffic

Not all people have the drive, personality or energy to run a business or manage it through thick and thin. In fact, an article from The Balance showed that many factors contribute to making a business leader sustain the work that he or she does. Most of these leaders also get their success because their businesses belong to a country that’s conducive to running an enterprise.

The Best Places for Entrepreneurship

The article from The Balance has shown that the number one country that’s most conducive to entrepreneurs is America, followed by Canada and Sweden. No wonder that it’s a familiar adage that America is the land of so many opportunities. In fact, U.S. has about 80% of rating and ranking regarding the assessment of business leaders about their companies.

Some of the things that make America impressive regarding a community for business are its incentives for small business leaders and entrepreneurial activities.

Successful Attributes

It is also said that most of the key attributes that make a successful entrepreneur include the desire for independence and the drive for more wealth and to be able to work for one’s own time. One of the few people who are risk-taking and adventurous enough to deal with the challenges of running a business is Jose Hawilla.

About Jose Hawilla

There’s a long history of achievements and challenges in the career and personal life of Jose Hawilla. He went through a lot of changes and sacrifice before he reached the success he is in now.

Right now, the main focus of Jose Hawilla is the owner and manager of Traffic, which is today’s leading sports marketing agency for various football teams in competition in Latin America. Before his focus for this marketing management work, he used to be a journalist and was busy in working on different projects in Latin America. Check out for more.

His focus now for Traffic has now given birth to a lot of improvements and changes in the lives of the clients who acquired the services of Jose Hawilla’s marketing company. Without the help of Traffic, many football teams would not be able to get the video production, e-business and event production programs for exposure that they need.

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