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Sheriff Arpaio

Sheriff Arpaio had worked for the government for many decades of his life. In 1992, he enthusiastically took up the role of Sheriff in Maricopa County, Arizona. As Sheriff, he had a good time torturing and humiliating prisoners. His wrongdoings did not end there.

Outside of the jail, he pestered motorists who he thought were undocumented foreigners from Latin American countries. In reality, he was really just picking on Hispanics/Latinos. After being ordered by federal judges to cut the absurdities, he went on his merry way and resumed the racial profiling of innocent Hispanics/Latinos.

Because he utterly refused to uphold the words of judges, he was held in contempt. Before they were able to fully throw the book at him and give him jail time, President Donald Trump took a nosedive into the situation ad pardoned Arpaio in the blink of an eye.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin, countless Latinos and Michael Lacey were totally flabbergasted to find out about Sheriff Arpaio’s pardoning. After years of corruption, he really should not have been pardoned. Many people felt that the criminal justice system had failed, and that justice was not served to an evil man when the pardon was issued by our president.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are important players when it comes to discussion about Sheriff Arpaio because they are two of his many victims. They were not harassed by him in the context of being Hispanic/Latino; they were harassed by him the context of being people who freely spoke out against him.

Following the events of being harassed by Arpaio, they set up a Fund to help organizations who are geared toward protecting the First Amendment of the Constitution and the rights of Latinos.


The country is split on whether Arpaio was right or wrong to harass people. Some say that he was right and that he should be thought of in the highest regard. Others say that he is the meanest, most racist figure in American history. Each viewpoint has a very complex set of views attached to it. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin |

People who concur with Arpaio believe that such a person is simply protecting the structure of society. After all, a lot of serious societal issues do come out of the presence of undocumented immigrants.

There are disparities between citizens and undocumented immigrants because many times the immigrants benefit from public services that are funded from the tax money of citizens. Sometimes, to complicate matters, the undocumented immigrants are given first priority in jobs and colleges—just because they are undocumented.

People who do not concur with Arpaio tend sympathize with undocumented immigrants and think that it is the right of undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States of America.

They give a number of arguments for why their stance is true: “We are all immigrants,” “Most of us in this country descended from immigrants,” “They are running from danger in their home countries” and “They are racial minorities so they deserve to be here in order for us to not be racist.” They feel that there is underlying racism and nativism to not wanting undocumented immigrants around.

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