Lime Crime Just Gets Makeup

You have probably been in a position where you needed some great makeup. You might have looked at all the great brands on the market without thinking about Lime Crime. This might be a mistake if you want something bold and fun.


Bright Colors for a Night Out

If you are looking for colors that are good for a night out of fun, then this line is going to suit you well. It’s made with bright colors that help your eyes and your lips to pop. You can choose anything from bright greens and blues to purples and pinks that make you feel more like yourself.


Faint Colors

If you are looking for more colors that match with your personality for work. You might be in need of something that is not as bright because your work doesn’t let you wear the makeup that you might wear out at night. This is something that you will need to talk to your employer about before you wear the bright colors. They may tell you it’s okay and then you can wear them just like you would when you are out on the town.



Glitter is a great add on when you are going out. It gives your makeup some sparkle and helps you to feel better about yourself and how you look. You might want to consider adding the glitter to the bright colors to give it a bit more.



Metallic colors are newer than most of the others because not as many people wear them. They make the eyes and lips a lot brighter and can give you a different look than you have had before with your makeup. If you are adding metallic makeup to your eyes, it will make them pop more and make you look different than you might have before.


There are a lot of makeup options you can look into. Lime Crime gives you something that others don’t. They let you be yourself. The last thing you want is to not feel like you are you even when you are wearing your makeup.

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