Lime Crime Provides a Solution For People With Dark Hair

Lime Crime just released a daringly dark set of colors to the Unicorn Hair Collection in time for Fall. Lime Crime is renowned for their vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, quickly becoming a cult leader in the digital beauty space.

In their all new palette you’ll find Chestnut, a powerful maroon; Squid, a truly out-of-this-world purple; Charcoal, a sleek, sexy grey; and Sea Witch, a spooky green. All of these colors are designed for brunettes and darker haired girls to rep Lime Crime’s signature colors with pride. Here are some ideas for rocking these beautiful new shades this Fall!

Chestnut is a deep reddish-brown with an excellent flat aesthetic. For a look that is earthy and sophisticated, combine it with other neutral colors – Blacks, whites, greys, and creams. This muted color range really gives an air of self-confidence. On the other hand, go with a bold gold accent and turn heads anywhere you go!

Squid brings a deep-sea inspired, inky purple color to anyone looking to go a little fantasy this Fall. This semi-permanent hair dye screams royalty and has the potential to be a show-stopper when combined with other purples, blues, or yellows! For something a little more passive, consider mixing with passive oranges for a burnt sienna aesthetic.

Charcoal is a dusted grey and definitely in style. Grey played an important part in art and fashion in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and for good reason. Greys are neutral colors, and thus work well with almost any other color. Plan your outfit with warmer colors to have an energetic appearance and saver summer, or use cooler hues to really embrace Fall and the coming briskness of later months.

Sea Witch should be your go-to color for expressing individualism and confidence. Greens are easy to look at and don’t fatigue your eyes as much as something brilliant like yellow. Embrace that minty aesthetic with a deep auburn for something classy, or try neutrals like white for something brisk and seasonal.

Lime Crime really comes out swinging with this new Fall color theme. They make it easy to show everyone your style while promoting a healthy, humane future for blue hair dye and  beauty products. At just $16 per 6.76 fl. oz. bottle, you can rock your inner goth and feel good about it, too!

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