Malcom CasSelle Continues Advancement of OPSkins

For the past few years, one of the biggest stories in the business world has continued to be the prevalence of digital currencies and blockchain technology. While there are many different industries that have benefited from this technology, one industry had been able to utilize it more than all others. The gaming industry has been one of the leading users of blockchain technology for the purchase of in-game assetsnjk.


While the gaming industry has been a big user of blockchain technology, there is a good chance that this prevalence will continue to grow in the future. In the coming years new enhancements to the technology will be set forth by Opskins, which is one of the leading providers and sellers of virtual assets.


In the coming years, Opskins will be creating a new virtual asset exchange called the Worldwide Asset Exchange, or WAX for short. This exchange will allow online gamers to buy and sell virtual assets from each other using the WAX blockchain technology. This will provide a wide variety of benefits to the users including the ability to complete quick transactions and nominal costs, to make transactions directly with other gamers, and to exchange in an anonymous and safe environment.


While this will be a big asset and movement for Opskins, it is far from the first major tech advancement that the company has made. Over the past few years the company has positioned itself to be one of the largest sellers and holders of virtual assets in the world. The company has used a wide range of investments and tech improvements to get to this spot.


The Opskins company has continued to be led by Malcom CasSelle, who is currently the CIO of the company. In this role he has been instrumental in guiding the overall strategy of the company to make it run more efficiently and make wise business decisions. CasSelle has overseen a wide range of different investments and will be heavily involved in the improvements of the WAX system. He has a long and successful background in both his professional career and formal education.


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