Milan Kordestani: The Equestrian With The Heart For Healthy Agricultural Practices

Milan Kordestani has already been given a lot of recogntion for his business ventuers and advocacy. In fact, the recognition he gets for his business activities may not even be enough to write in just one short article. This fantastic service in all his activities may have something to do with the fact that he’s already trained from a great formal education.

This education comes in the form of getting a fantastic start in terms of formal education. For starters, he already got his basic learning covered at the Philips Brooks Elementary School. Being born in Stanford, California may also be a good contributor to his understanding of how a big market would work. That lesson would be invaluable in his business ventures.

People may also remember Milan Kordestani as the CEO and the renowned founder of Milan Farms. At his young age, he’s already proven a lot of things in his skillset. He is also currently a writer for Huffington Post, and has built a reputation for being a promising equestrian. People also know Milan Kordestani as a passionate citizen in Bay Area, California, who just finished his education at the Sacred Heart Preparatory in 2017. He’s now attending college and would now be proving himself willing and ready to take on another set of more difficult challenges.

In the field of equestrian, he’s already shown enough love for the craft to gain enough recognition. In fact, at the age of 17, he’s already recognized for the 3rd Ranking that he’s gained in the Worlds Championship, and in 2015, he also gained the 2nd Rank at the Worlds Championship under the Park Division. The 5-gaited Show Pleasure division at 2016 was also a success for him, giving his reputation as an accomplished equestrian an added boost. People can also glean from his reputation as a writer for Huffington Post that he’s not just passionate for amusement. Being a published author on politics and mental health also makes him an inspiration to many.

It’s also a source of pride that Mr. Kordestani’s Milan Farms advocates healthy food production today. It is the aim of Milan Farms to get the most ethically produced and farmed agricultural products today. With the free-range organic eggs and saffron offered by the farm, it stands out in the market.

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