Milstein Family Foundation Helps Launch Virtually Israel 2.0

The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation announced that they are now working with the MERONA Leadership Foundation in a strategic new partnership as part of the Milstein Family Foundation’s synergistic approach to philanthropy. This approach aims to multiply the effects of the philanthropy by teaming up with like-minded charities, individuals and non-profits. Together the Milstein Family Foundation and the Merona Leadership Foundation will launch Virtually Israel 2.0. Visit Hager Pacific website to know more about Adam Milstein.

This new project dubbed Virtually Israel 2.0 will now offer four times as many videos of Israel’s most famous sites for users to experience in video and virtual reality formats. A trailer video about Virtually Israel 2.0 received a lot of attention and even went viral on the net. This shows that people are hungry for more information on the state of Israel says, Adam Milstein. He adds that he is pleased to be able to help people discover all of what Israel has to offer.

The best part of Virtually Israel 2.0 is that it is free adds Adam Milstein. There is no fee or cost to experience the breathtaking scenery that the Jewish state of Israel has to offer. Adam Milstein explains that one can get an intimate look at Israel’s most famous sites such as the old city of Jerusalem, the shoreline of Tel Aviv and the tech hubs that create so much new technology and innovation. View Adam Milstein’s profile on Facebook.

Adam Milstein says that people are so excited about Virtually Israel 2.0 because it allows anyone to experience the best of Israel without leaving their own home. He says he is honored to help expand the program and share the beauty of his place of birth with the rest of the world. It is an excellent way of using technology to share knowledge, culture and promote understanding of a country and people that are often misunderstood.

Virtually Israel currently has a total of 11 videos that one can see. They cover the Bible Lands Museum, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. Additional places and topics include Israeli beaches, technology and innovation, Sarona Market, Tel Aviv, Jaffa and a balloon ride over Tel Aviv. The videos can be seen on YouTube, FaceBook, virtual reality and even on big screens with special set up.


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