Nick Vertucci Shares the Secret That Made Him a Millionaire through Real Estate Investing

With the right knowledge, passion, and dedication, you can make millions in a field that is heavily invested by many people. Your past does not define your future. All you need is a moment to open your eyes and see the opportunities that lie right under ahead of you.


Nick Vertucci was not born an investor. He was a typical boy from a regular family. When he was still young, he got everything a child needs, the basic needs. However, when he was 10, the father passed away, and Nick and his siblings had to spend long hours waiting for their mother to come home. The mother was forced to do two jobs to provide for her children. Life was not easy for Nick Vertucci. He lived in his track when he was 18, but did not take it as a setback or a hindrance to success.


Nick still managed to rise, and he started a computer parts business, which did well for a while. As expected, technological products are affected by the changes that affect the field. In 2000, Nick suffered significant loss as the dot com menace set in. He was rendered almost jobless for 18 months. Being a married man and a father of three, he needed to provide for his family. He had many debts, and his situation was only getting worse. However, when he was invited to his first real estate training class, his life changed for the better.


Nick Vertucci says that the decision to attend the real estate class was the best he has ever made. He learned, internalized and put the skills to practice. Today, he is very appreciative of the skills he gathered for they made it possible for him to be a millionaire.


Nick is pleased today to share his skills with the rest of the world through his real estate academy, Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA). The academy takes in all interested students, who are ready to learn about real estate investment options and how to make money out of the filed. Nick simplifies the learning process by categorizing it into three distinct steps. The first one is where you get in, where you identify the properties at a low price. The second phase is the get out step, in which you are prepared on how to go out there and make the property more valuable. Finally, the third step is to get paid.


NVREA uses the best real estate specialist to impart knowledge to all the students. While at the academy, you will learn practical skills that will help you increase the value of a property before selling it. You will learn how to buy property and hold them to sell later at a profit. You will also learn how to sell many properties among other things.

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