Availability and Convenience of USHealth Aldvisors Insurance

USHEALTH Advisors is the marketing division of the USHEALTH Group. The company is built around the distribution of affordable and reliable health insurance. USHA offers a bevy of options for talented and dedicated agents looking to get into a fulfilling career in the health insurance industry.

Reliable Insurance

The reliability and convenience of USHEALTH Advisors insurance services make it so that both working as a sales agent under USHA as well as purchasing health coverage from the company is easy, and entirely free of hassle. Their career options allow anyone with a passion for helping others, and with experience in the insurance provision industry to move into a fulfilling and rewarding career with a reliable company.

Convenient Locations

Convenience is a top priority of USHA, and that’s no exception in regards to their accessible locations. While their primary model of business allows their agents to work from home over the phone and the internet, they also have a number of physical locations around the country. The convenient and accessible nature of any given USHEALTH Advisors location cannot be overstated in its ability to provide service to both employees of the company, as well as potential clients.

In Conclusion

The USHEALTH Advisors division of the USHEALTH Group is dedicated to the marketing of convenient and reliable insurance at an affordable price. In addition to offering a rewarding career to potential employees and agents who are looking to make their mark in the field of health insurance provision and marketing via online and over-the-phone methods, the company possesses a number of convenient physical locations as well. https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ushealth-advisors#/entity

White Shark Media Helps Clients Review Ways to Advertise With Mobile

With the majority of mobile phones being smartphones and people accessing the internet from their phones, it is safe to say that the mobile network has become a viable way to reach people. There is one issue, the mobile network has a different format than the typical internet that is viewed on desktops, laptops and even tablets. Therefore, some extra steps need to be taken in order to make sure that an advertising campaign is optimized for mobile phones so that it will display properly. Given that many people are on their phones throughout the day, it is important for businesses to be able to reach them through their devices if they want to make some major sales.

Fortunately for businessmen that may be lost when it comes to advertising on mobile devices, there are companies that are available to give advice on this technique of reaching customers. White Shark Media is one of those companies. Given that they have a lot of skills and experience with advertising with Google AdWords across many different formats, they are able to help their clients review all of the possible techniques that could work in their favor when it comes to advertising on mobile networks.

White Shark Media is also a company that keeps its clients in the loop when it comes to the advertising performance. They provide detailed reports to their clients so that they can know for certain how their campaigns are holding up. They are also companies that are easy to communicate with. One thing that White Shark Media is very passionate about is making sure that their clients are getting the results they need in order to keep their business going. They also provide tips to people so that they can manage their own advertising campaigns if they feel the need to.

Eric Lefkofsky And Tempus: Making Cancer Treatment More Affordable

Almost 40% of American adults face a cancer diagnoses. With 14.5 million Americans living with cancer, almost everyone knows someone touched by this terrible disease. Eric Lefkofsky and his company Tempus are making a difference by developing data enabled precision medicine. The company is transforming cancer care delivery by creating a platform to effectively analyze the clinical and molecular data of cancer patients. Their analytics software is making clinical and medical data more affordable and accessible.

Eric Lefkofsky learned about the problem with gaining access to and analyzing medical data when it was discovered his wife had breast cancer. Since then, Tempus, a company he co-founded, has been developing effective methods to streamline the process so doctors can quickly use the copious amount of information they have gathered. Tempus has developed software which turns relevant doctors’ notes into structured data for use in advancing the treatment and care of cancer patients. This will help doctors attack cancer at the cellular and molecular levels, use more effective medicines and treatments, and get better results.

Born in Southfield, Michigan, Eric Lefkofsky has an undergraduate degree from the University of Michigan and a juris doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. Since then he has co-founded a number of companies including Tempus and Groupon.com. Lefkofsky has lived in the Chicago area for many years. The headquarters of Tempus is located there. He has long been very deeply involved in the Chicago business community. Lefkofsky is Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company board of trustees chairman. He is also on the board of the Art Institute of Chicago and Chicago’s Lurie’s Children’s Memorial Hospital to learn more: https://www.bizjournals.com/chicago/news/2017/04/12/groupon-co-founder-moves-to-help-youth-access-art.html click here.

Eric Lefkofsky has been teaching in a number of Chicago area colleges for several years. He has taught at the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business at DePaul University as well as Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He is currently adjunct professor with the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

In 2006, Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Foundation. The charitable trust is focused on children and supports educational, scientific and charitable causes and organizations worldwide.

Troy McQuagge Ranks Highly as an Insurance Mogul

There so many professionals and high performing business leaders spread across the nation. However, some have better performance compared to others, and without the proper recognition they may end up feeling demotivated or lead to decreased leadership skills growth. This is why we have various Awards programs formed purposely for those who show exemplary work in their industry or profession. Most of the Award organizations have companies as their stakeholders and sponsors as well. One Planet Award is among the organizations that honor companies for their business and professional performance. The One Planet Award has several honors categorized into different fields ranging from new product and services, executives, employee, PR, Marketing, and so on.


The Award organization recently carried out its awarding program recently, and Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, was named the Gold Winner as chief executive officer of the Year. He was praised for his hard work, commitment, and leadership skills in improving the performance and solving the issues of health care affordability for customers through the provision of more innovative coverage formulas. Since joining the company in 2010, Mr. McQuagge has actively restored the captive distribution agency USHEALTH Advisors. This move had several positive impacts on the business leading to his re-election as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group.


About Troy McQuagge


Troy McQuagge is 33 years old and has B.A degree from the University of Central Florida. He began his career with Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. During this moment, he developed a soft spot for the insurance industry. In 1995, he joined Student Insurance Division, an associate organization of United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI). Here, he worked tirelessly to improve the performance of the company. His patience and commitment paid off, and he was named the president of the company in a span of two years. Under his leadership, the company achieved several single-year sales records. The revenue growth of the company was remarkable making it one of the best performing insurance companies in the world.


United Insurance Companies Inc. (UICI) was later on acquired by a private corporation, and its name was changed to HealthMarkets, and Troy McQuagge was tasked with looking after the enterprise’s sales and marketing strategies. He helped the company to make total sales of over $1 billion dollars in just one year. Today, he is the President, CEO and Member of the Board of Directors of USHEALTH Group, Inc. and this could not have been achieved without sound and compelling leadership qualities. The company performance and growth is expected to continue rising. https://twitter.com/troymcquagge?lang=en

Equities First Holdings at their Best

As one of the largest company Equities First Holdings has asisted investors with their stock-based solutions, hence they are able to make their daily work more easily and efficient. The organization able to expand their services in all part of the world their main office is in Indianapolis, Indiana and also opened offices whereby they offer their services include London, Singapore, Sydney, Perth, and HongKong.

Investors are able to develop their business with the small capitals that they are given by Equities First Holding. For one to be given small capitals they must be lively and Equities motivated investors. $1.4 billion is the accomplishment that the organization made to having completing 1000 dealings these is due to the devotion that the staff members made in any task they are given. Al Christy is another organization that is connected with the organization and has more than 50 workers who are able to work fast because of the better surrounding they are given n and also the management well organized therefore they make a lot of income returns. Investors are happy with the guidance that they receive from the organization hence they are motivated to attain their goals.

Through the organization having a proper principle, the organization is able to keep their staff members in check and not misbehave in any other way and also create better bonding with clients and among them. Mostly they choose those individuals who are professional and create new technology that will improve the organization services. The investor is mostly advised by Equities First Holding to always go for stock-based loans instead of margins loans due to they are easy to purchase them and are non-limit. Lastly in order for the organization to produce efficient service they are able to connect with other big companies hence they come up with new strategies

To know more visit @: www.indeed.com/cmp/Equities-First-Holdings,-LLC-1

Don Ressler Created Strategies to Make TechStyle Better

TechStyle has been a very successful company since they first started and that is due mostly to the fact that Don Ressler worked so hard at making different strategies for the brand. Because of the options that Don Ressler had for his company, he was able to make it better than what many of the other companies that were similar were able to do in the same time. It was something that set Don Ressler apart from other people and made things much better for people who needed to get everything that they could out of the brands that were related to TechStyle.


Don Ressler knew that starting a brand would be hard and it could be difficult to make brand recognition a possibility. He also knew that he would have to do something to make the brand better than what other people had going for them. There were many times when Don Ressler felt like he would need to make changes to the brand but the recognition aspect came when he found that there were celebrity endorsers who would be able to make the brand better and do more for the things that were going on in the business.


By positioning his company in an area like Silicon Valley, he was able to make sure that he would always have access to the newest technology. He wanted to be able to do this because it was such a big part of the company and because without new tech, the TechStyle companies would be pointless. Silicon Valley is a community and he knew that when he chose to go into the valley. By doing this, he gave himself a great chance at being able to try new things and get more out of the options that he had for technology within the brand.


The TechStyle brands have mostly been so successful because they provide people with something that they need: convenience. Don Ressler knew that most women and people in general needed to have convenient options that they could use when they were doing shopping for different needs that they had. By making the clothes shopping process as convenient as possible, Don Ressler did what he could to promote better branding and make things better for women around the country who wanted to be able to shop while they were doing new things. All of this added up and made the TechStyle brands extremely successful. https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-ressler-328b4618

Agora Financial Helps Customers Take Charge of Their Own Financial Situations

Bob knows he should be saving for retirement and to optimally enjoy his “golden years”, but at the same time, Bob has a lot of problems. Bob doesn’t know how much fillings, root canals, or medical problems will end up costing him. He also doesn’t know the best way to invest his money whether its stocks or money mutual funds or other ways of investing. He just knows that he will need money and he will need it to grow so it can work for him in retirement so he doesn’t have to work nonstop anymore! This introduces Bob to Agora Financial as a service that can help him learn to manage his own money through providing him educational tools to learn more about money management and how to take responsibility for his own money! This helps Bob ensure that someone is not out there trying to just collect Commission off his savings while squandering the money any way they please to make more money for themselves!

Agora Financial is a company that provides independent, economic commentary through print and online publications as well as e-books and digital conferences. Through both freed and paid publications Agora educates their investors on their options of what to do with their money and what makes the most financial sense for them. They help people take ownership of their own savings and help them make wise choices to ensure a safe, healthy, financially sound future for them and their families and loved ones.

Agora Financial has been a leading innovator in the financial industry offering services for over 25 years. Agora combines resources to help make their investors successful and has over 14 publications ranging from natural resources to penny stock recommendations. They offer a full range of financial thoughts and ideas in their materials and also provide information to help consumers make the most educated choice for themselves as individuals. Through helping clients sort through the ideas they are bombarded with daily they can help clients make the best choice without relying on some stock broker who will play with your hard-earned money just to up their own commission check!

For more information follow Agora Financial on Twitter.

Honey Birdette Offers Classy and Sexy Lingerie

The land down under’s premiere lingerie brand, Honey Birdette is expanding their retail stores from three to forty in the United Kingdom alone by the end of 2018. The company was founded in 2006 by Brisbane based female entrepreneur, Eloise Monaghan. Honey Birdette is the first sensuality boutique to open that is based in Australia.

Currently, Honey Birdette has 55 Australia-based stores. The brand has had an unprecedented %374 increase in online sales in the United States over the past year. The expansion is aimed at providing a better experience for their customers; including faster delivery and easier returns.

Honey Birdette’s lingerie styles reflect mystery, adventure, and sensuality of their home country of Australia. The Honey Birdette style is unique. The lingerie is mostly colored soft metallic nudes, reds, and blacks, with the occasional jewel tone. Their lingerie show just the right amount of skin. You will look classy, elegant and undeniably sexy and timeless.

The lingerie is the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. It is perfect to wear for a boudoir photo shoot to give as a gift to your newfound spouse or to wear on Valentine’s day, or just to wear every day to feel your own sensuality. The bras start at 60 pounds, and the briefs start at 35 pounds. Mix and match colors to express your own individuality. Honey Birdette’s lingerie is understated enough to be simple, thoughtful enough to be sophisticated, and sexy enough to fit your persona. Embrace your feminine side with Honey Birdette’s expanding and classic collection.

Find more Honey’s on Instagram, here.

Bruce Bent II Knows What it Takes to Run the Successful Company

Since Bruce Bent II has been working with the Double Rock Corporation, he has come a long way. He knows what he needs to do and he also knows that there are many chances that he will have to make things better for the people who he works with. As the company has grown, Bruce Bent II has made choices that will make it better and that will bring more opportunities to those who are in different situations. He also knows that there are many chances that he can take to improve the company that he works with. As someone who is able to try new things with the options that he has, Bruce Bent II knows that the Double Rock Corporation will only get better as it continues to grow so that he can offer new opportunities to people who are in different areas.

While Bruce Bent II is working at different things with the company and while he knows the right way to change things, he also knows that doing all of this will make things better for people who are working with the Double Rock Corporation. There are many different ways that Bruce Bent II can bring new technology options and financial options to the people who he works with. Whether he is doing things with businesses, is working with individuals or providing people with simple solutions, he is trying to use the Double Rock Corporation to bring the change that is necessary for the financial industry.

As the Double Rock Corporation continues to get bigger and better, Bruce Bent II knows what he has to do to make things better. He also knows that there needs to be different options that people will be able to enjoy while they are in different situations. Because of the options that Bruce Bent II has for his business, he wants to show people what they will get out of the situations that they are in and out of the options that they have to make things better in their careers. All of this has led to the Double Rock Corporation growing and getting better.

For more information follow Bruce Bent II on Twitter.

Andrew Rolfe Saves Lives In Africa

As Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, it was Andrew Rolfe’s responsibility to make sure the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala went smoothly. No surprise to anyone in attendance, everything went as planned and they even exceeded their funding goal and were able to raise over $900,000. This money is going to be used in the school system Ubuntu Fund created in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This is an area ravished by poverty and crime, and the children there are often not provided with healthcare or given the opportunity to attend school. The Ubuntu Fund gives them hope and seeks to provide them with a safe space to learn and grow into successful adults. The organization intends to build a pediatric clinic right on the campus for any of their students to use. They are also going to increase in size so they are able to support more students who need help.

There were over 300 people that attended the gala dinner and every one of them was eager to do whatever they could to help these children in need. There were several people invited to speak at the event, and these people shared their stories about how the fund helped them and led them toward a brighter future. Sinesipho Rabidyani was one of these people, and she spoke about how she grew up in a poor family with an alcoholic father. She was awarded a scholarship by the Ubuntu Fund and was just recently accepted into law school. She attributes her success to the organization.

When Andrew Rolfe is not organizing galas and helping children through the Ubuntu Fund, he serves are the Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook Capital Partners. With that company, he is involved in various investment opportunities throughout the United States and Europe. He focuses on the sectors in the food, retail, and hospitality areas.

Andrew has a bachelor degree of the arts from the University of Oxford and he also has a master’s degree in Business Economics from the Harvard Business School. In 2003, he worked at the President of GAP’s International Division and kept an eye on the stores in German, Japan, France, and the United Kingdom.