U.S. Money Reserve’s Gold collectibles

Buying precious metal is a clever way of keeping money for future. There are chances that the value of the metal will go up in the future. As a result, the holder stands the chance to reap substantial benefits from the sale of the metals.

U.S. Reserve is one of the companies that the government has trusted to distribute government issued coins. Over the years, they have built a reputation of selling their clients high quality and reliable metals. The gold coins they mint are exceptional and often put their holders in high profit positions.

They have been able to serve over 400,000 customers with exceptional gold coins since its foundation.

Because of their dedication to quality production, U.S. Money Reserve is the sole distributor of the Perth Mint created in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s 65th anniversary. Her coronation on 1953 signified the end of wars and times of adversity.

The coins hold historical significance that collectors find precious. The coins come in a set of three, each having the portrait of the Queen taken during her coronation. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-money-reserve-releases-us-exclusive-perth-mint-65th-anniversary-coronation-set-300638482.html

Two of the coins are minted from pure gold and one from pure silver. One of the gold coins is a 2oz. gold proof coin and the other is a 1/4oz. gold proof coin. The third coin is made of 1oz. silver proof coin.

What makes the coins so exclusive is the fact that only 203 complete sets are available in United States.

Besides the limited productions the coins are one year only productions and the gold coins are low mint. Those who possess any of the sets will have rare collectibles.

U.S. Money Reserve ensures that every buyer receives a certificate of authenticity. Read more: US Money Reserve | Crunchbase and US Money Researve | Instagram

This protects buyers from having their coins depreciate in value because of counterfeits. Apart from the certificate, each coin has a first strike label from PCGS that authenticates the coins as the originals.

The Perth Mint is not the first gold coins U.S. Reserve has had the privilege of solely distributing. They have also distributed government and foreign gold, silver, and platinum legal tender products.

Graham Edwards: Telereal’s Greatest Asset

Graham Edwards has spent most of his life with Telereal Trillium Limited. He has been working with the company for several years now, and he has been an instrumental member of the organization because of his countless contributions to the success of the company. Telereal Trillium is a company offering management services to commercial property owners. The company is adept at managing commercial assets and other investments from their clients. Through the years, the company has developed a close working relationship with their clients, and they have been known as a company which has a positive reputation among entrepreneurs and business people.

Telereal Trillium Limited was found in 1997, carrying the brand name “Trillium.” The company grew tremendously after some time because of the excellent leadership undertaking the operations within the firm. Graham Edwards has been one of the most efficient leaders within the company, and because of his impressive decision-making skills, the firm had involved themselves in a lot of deals and merging contracts with other businesses. In 2000, the company signed a contract that would greenlight their merger with Land Securities. This would also signal the company’s name change, which is the current brand name that they use. The services provided by the company would expand to include everyone in the business industry, and the number of clients that they are servicing significantly increased. Graham Edwards was chosen to become the CEO of the company because of his excellent background, and he continued the unique style of leadership that he possesses to contribute to the firm’s success.

As years went by, Telereal Trillium would be involved in numerous merger and acquisition transactions, with the management changing over time. One of the most significant contributions of Graham Edwards to the growth of the company is the selling of more than 6,000 properties that generated an amount close to £2.4 billion. It was the largest transaction in Telereal Trillium’s history, and it was considered as a victory for Graham Edwards and everyone who is working with the company because their value at the stock market slightly rose and the move attracted the attention of investors (http://askreporter.com/2018/03/graham-edwards-donation-impact/).

Dr. Johanan Rand Talks About Anti Aging And The Use Of Hormone Replacement Therapies To Tackle It

The need for clinics that are providing hormone replacement therapy has grown a lot over the past few years, not only because of the developments in this array but also because of the increased knowledge that people have with regards to the treatment of age-related disorders. One of the biggest markets for those who would want to opt in for hormone replacement therapy in women who have reached the age of menopause. Menopause is something that can affect the overall bodily functions that one experiences, and can cause a number of fluctuations in the body’s hormone levels. This can lead to a number of other diseases and disorders which can cause a great amount of harm to the body. The changing estrogen levels in the body are one of the main reasons why women go through this but is treatable with the right kind of therapies and treatments.

Dr. Johanan Rand is one specialist who has been offering this kind of therapy based treatment to women for several years (Zocdoc). In his experience, women who were given this kind of treatments did see a noticeable difference in their overall health. It improved their bodily functions, while helped suppress some of the symptoms that women experience. This, of course, is something that differs from person to person, which is why seeking the aid of an experienced doctor is always a good option. A good doctor can outline a course of treatment for the patient which can help them and their needs specifically, which is also something that Dr. Johanan Rand is known to do.

Having worked with such a wide variety of patients is what has made Dr. Rand the experienced professional that he is today. He has been working in the field for several years and has learned under some of the best in the business. This experience, coupled with Dr. Johanan Rand’s knowledge of the field and medicine is something that has contributed to him being the reputable name that he is today. In the past, he has worked with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and is a part of several anti-aging associations.

PSI-Pay is Pushing Digital Wallets Forwards While Remaining Secure

It is hard for a lot of people to understand exactly what an e-wallet is. It can be even harder to find information about e-wallets online because the definition of e-wallet varies by country.

In truth, digital wallets are one of the most secure ways to conduct online purchases. No matter which country a person is from, e-wallets can be beneficial to the frequent online shopper.

European wallets, for example, have the capability of storing multiple currencies in one account. For Europeans, especially those who travel, this is a necessity. European users of e-wallets can also link their own debit card to their e-wallet, but a more typical method of storing funds on an e-wallet is simply providing the wallet with a balance.

PSI-Pay is just one of the companies that offer an e-wallet to Europeans. The company has been in operation since 2007, making it an early entrant into the world of e-wallets. They are licensed by the FSA, and they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which is active throughout the entire European Union. PSI-Pay is also a registered issuer of MasterCard, a luxury they were awarded in 2009.

PSI-Pay recently partnered with Kerv to bring 38 million payment locations all over the world. PSI-Pay and Kerv’s partnership further expands the alternative payment method industry to new heights.

PSI-Pay is predicting that these alternative payment methods will one day be the standard, doing away with normal cash payments. They are able to make this prediction because they see the large amount of young people, on social media, demanding that their favorite retailers install some form of e-wallet system.

The internet as a hole has come a long way, and PSI Pay is regulated by the FCA. Many of the people who feared putting information online in the 90s now have social media accounts that go into great detail concerning their personal lives. Financial security trends have taken a similar approach considering people are far more comfortable using the internet for purchases. Even prominent newspapers, like the New York Times, report that e-wallets and other contactless payment methods have a low number of fraudulent activity.


Sean Penn Wrote Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff for Other People

When Sean Penn started writing Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, he knew the book needed to be different than other books. He also knew it would continue being a positive thing for people to enjoy for years to come if he did it the right way. While Sean Penn knew how to make the book and knew it was something he could show people in different situations, he felt good about the opportunities he had to continue helping others get a positive experience with book-writing. Sean Penn always looked at the positive things that were available in different situations. It made sense for him to write a book like this and it made it easier for him to try and get positive results because of the book. Even though Sean Penn did his best as an actor, he continued making sure people could see there were positive influences present in his writing.

Even though Sean Penn wrote his first book, he knows a lot about the career of writing. he spent time learning about writing a book and that’s what led to him creating Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. There were positive interactions that came from the books and came from everything he did with the books. There were also things Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff showed people that Sean Penn learned while he was writing the book.

For Sean Penn, the point of giving people a positive opportunity was everything he wanted to do with the book. His goals were a big part of making sense of positive interactions and giving people the opportunities they needed for success. Between the book and his acting career, Sean Penn sees himself as a huge success. He also sees there are different things he can do to make the most out of everything he has. He always knew the plan was making things better and showing people everything could keep changing as a result of the hard work he put into the business and the writing opportunities he had for himself with everything he had. Even the New York Times gave it a rave review.


Why Peter Briger Enjoys Working for Fortress Investment Group

Even though Peter Briger didn’t start from the bottom of Fortress Investment Group like some of the other people who work for the company, he has worked there for a long time. He worked his way through various positions so he could make more out of the career he has. He also tried giving people the chance to see they could do more on their own without worrying about all the issues they had in different situations. For Peter Briger, the point of doing these things is giving back and giving everyone the options they need. It’s his goal to always show people how they can do better.

Throughout the time that Peter Briger worked for Fortress Investment Group, he knew what it would mean to give back to the community. He learned about the different options he could use and learned there were things that would make him the best at his job. As a principal investor, Peter Briger felt positive about the experiences he had and felt there were things he could do that other people couldn’t do. The dedication he had was part of his motivation. It led to him becoming better at everything and eventually taking on the position of principal of the company.Despite some of the issues people had with Fortress Investment Group, Peter Briger felt they could make things better. He dedicated his entire career to Fortress Investment Group. While he learned about the things he could use and the things he could do on his own, he pushed that agenda on the company.

It helped them make all the right investment choices so they could do things better.It also helped them make sure they were offering positive opportunities no matter what issues people faced before that.While Peter Briger was doing all of this, he knew there were things that would change. He also knew everything would get better because he was great at his job. Peter Briger spent his time working to provide people with the experiences they needed. They could get more from the things he had to offer and that’s part of what made him such an important person to the company. For Peter Briger, the point of doing all this was giving back and making sure people could see how hard he was working to give them what they needed. It was his way of promoting positive experiences.

Lori Senecal leadership and talent in the world of sales and marketing.

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky. She confirms that her success was influenced by the successful lives that her older siblings lived which gave her the motivation to strive to achieve her goals in her career.


Lori pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Sales and Marketing. Using these skills and her talent, she steered every company she worked for to a better path from when she first started. This dedication that she has to make the companies she works for, as well as people, better is what has led to her being successful as numerous institutions are eager to have her on their team. Check out huffingtonpost.com to know more.



In the year 2003, she started and steered a marketing unit for young adults called TAG Ideation. Lori has vivid expertise in the field of data analysis. She has worked with a lot of international companies and brands. Some include Staples, Applebee’s and Nestle as well as Xbox. She also worked for Coca-Cola as their Global Accountant Director. She worked for DDB Worldwide Communications Group Incorporated for three years since 2005. Her position in the company was the Chief Marketing Officer.


McCann Worldgroup Incorporated through their subsidiary McCann Erickson Worldwide promoted her to the job title of Co-Managing Director of TAG in New York. This was due to her role in the startup of TAG. She was later promoted to work for the mother company as their Accountant Management Director as well as their Executive Vice President. In the year 2009, she became the President as well as CEO and Partner at Kirshenbaum Bond and Partners.


In the years of 2014 & 2015, Lori worked as a Director as well as the CEO of MDC Partners Incorporated, and in the third month of 2015, she was given the position of Director at Advertising Council Incorporated. She has quite a lot of awards including her recognition in 2017 as being among the Most Creative People in Business. Check out youtube.com



Her role in her current company is to manage and oversee all international offices as well as enhance the growth of the company. Her leadership has made the company be recognized in the Creativity Innovators of the Year. She was also named in 2016 as an Agency Executive to Watch.



Read more: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/people/person.asp?personId=24442630&privcapId=379819

A Stellar Review of NewsWatch TV

Needing help gaining exposure for her products Tori Pugliese found that working with NewsWatch TV was very successful in reaching a wider audience. Pugliese presented her product to NewsWatch TV, they in turn presented her with a script that allowed her to speak with an audience in a language they could understand. She saw the team’s quality of work put in the project, genuinely having belief in what they were selling. She was able to re-purpose their effort across various social media platforms. Pugliese considers her collaboration with NewsWatch TV a success.

NewsWatch TV is an award winning U.S. television series that is typically broadcasted at 7 a.m during Monday morning news on the AMC Network. The show airs celebrity news, mobile app reviews, consumer reports, breaking government events, public service announcements, and various other reporting. Formerly, the 30-minute TV series primarily focused on financial reporting until it moved towards becoming more of a TV news magazine in 1990. This was done to appeal to a broader audience. In 2011, NewsWatch added consumer focused technologies to their reporting.

The news tv show is currently hosted by Andrew Tropeano, Susan Bridges, and Michelle Ison. Each host introduces individual stories followed by reviews of products and services geared towards consumers. The host occasionally conducts interviews with other news reporters in other locations throughout the U.S. These interviews also extend to well-known celebrities that have a personal involvement in the topic being discussed. NewsWatch TV also incorporates editorial and paid segments which focuses on the consumer and a multitude of entertainment topics. Companies can use this time to market and promote their brand and their array of products and services.

NewsWatch TV can be found on most social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and their very own NewsWatch blog.

Adam Milstein, Securing The Jewish Future

Adam Milstein is a Haifa-born Jew who started out as a homemaker and real estate developer. He is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Foundation and the chair of the same foundation’s National Expansion. Adam moved to the US in the Year 1981 where he Acquired his MBA from USC. Adam is a philanthropist who works with StandWithUs and Israel on Campus Coalition. He is also the author of The Jerusalem Post commonly known as JPost.

In his most recent article on JPost, Adam Milstein explains why he has a good feeling about the Jewish in America. In the turn of the century, Israel’s first female Prime Minister G. Meir, President of World Zionist Organization C. Weizmann Israel’s , and founder of Revisionist Zionist Z. Jabotinsky, first PM B. David saw the growing hostility towards Jews (anti-semitism) and acted to lay firm foundations for the independence of the Jewish State.

In the US alone, according to Adam Milstein, anti-semitic incidents rose by 67% more in 2017 as compared to 2016. In Europe, these incidences have been fostered in social media, making half of the Jewish community feel insecure about wearing visible signs of them being Jews. In a poll released in February 2017, it showed that only 21% of millennials are firmly attached to their being Jewish, and only 26% feel that it is imperative to be Jewish.

Adam Milstein’s article also shows that the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions Campaign, which aims at eradicating the State of Israel is being spread all over the world. This boycott is dividing the State from the Jewish Community around the world. These challenges, according to him, require exceptional leadership. The Jewish American Community should, therefore, uplift and recognize their heroes, for example, Mordechai Anielewicz.

Adam Milstein has Great hopes that leaders to guide and encourage the American Jewish community to support their homeland Israel will emerge. His experience as a philanthropist has enabled him to meet with very highly passionate and innovative leaders who are rising to meet these challenges.

He encourages people to be supportive of the work done by these leaders. He believes that once the Jewish Americans are aware of their heritage, they will be more encouraged to guard it. He strongly believes that nurturing great leaders is the way to secure Jewish Future.


Jason Hope and the Fight Against Aging

Aging affects us all. Every day, every minute, every second, we are getting older. Inevitably, this time will catch up to us, and we will die. This is where our lives will ultimately end, and theologians and philosophers and scientists alike have all argued and fought over what comes after. But that is another topic. This is about aging. Aging can be scary, as our account on time grows less and less, and we grow older and older, many turn to anti-aging products. These can be creams, drinks, shakes, diets, “superfoods, the list goes on and on. Nursing homes across the world are filled with elderly with arthritis or osteoporosis. With unfortunate grandmothers and grandfathers who don’t recognize their own children and grandchildren because they suffer from Alzheimer’s. What if there was a way that we could put an end to these diseases, which can turn the last few years of an otherwise incredible life into a nightmare. Foundations and labs across the world are researching into this even now, filled with people who believe they can stop this.

Jason Hope is one of these people who believe that degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s can be, not only avoided, but eradicated. Hope, however, is no scientist. Instead, he has been helping with this cause indirectly, using philanthropic nature and savvy business mind to pursue this goal. Receiving an MBA from Arizona State University for finance, Hope has used his accumulated wealth to support a number of research groups, labs and foundations. The young philanthropist’s main focus has been on anti-aging research recently, but his attention and money goes to any program which agrees with his non-conformist tendency and out-of-the-box style of thinking. He has shown intense interest in automation and smart technology research specifically in the past. In 2010, Hope donated $500,000 to the SENS Research Foundation, helping them build a new, modern laboratory.

SENS Research Foundations is currently working on a program they have dubbed AGE-breaker. The goal of the program is to find a treatment plan to slow the aging process. SENS tests various drugs and methods and measures how much they break down advanced glycation end products, or AGE. These products are metabolic waste that build up over time, especially in the elderly, whose metabolic rates have slowed to a crawl. It is build up of these products that cause harm to the body in the form of osteoporosis or arthritis. They are also a major contributor to degenerative mental illnesses related to aging as well.

Jason Hope info: www.instagram.com/jasonhope.az/