Agora Financial Helps Customers Take Charge of Their Own Financial Situations

Bob knows he should be saving for retirement and to optimally enjoy his “golden years”, but at the same time, Bob has a lot of problems. Bob doesn’t know how much fillings, root canals, or medical problems will end up costing him. He also doesn’t know the best way to invest his money whether its stocks or money mutual funds or other ways of investing. He just knows that he will need money and he will need it to grow so it can work for him in retirement so he doesn’t have to work nonstop anymore! This introduces Bob to Agora Financial as a service that can help him learn to manage his own money through providing him educational tools to learn more about money management and how to take responsibility for his own money! This helps Bob ensure that someone is not out there trying to just collect Commission off his savings while squandering the money any way they please to make more money for themselves!

Agora Financial is a company that provides independent, economic commentary through print and online publications as well as e-books and digital conferences. Through both freed and paid publications Agora educates their investors on their options of what to do with their money and what makes the most financial sense for them. They help people take ownership of their own savings and help them make wise choices to ensure a safe, healthy, financially sound future for them and their families and loved ones.

Agora Financial has been a leading innovator in the financial industry offering services for over 25 years. Agora combines resources to help make their investors successful and has over 14 publications ranging from natural resources to penny stock recommendations. They offer a full range of financial thoughts and ideas in their materials and also provide information to help consumers make the most educated choice for themselves as individuals. Through helping clients sort through the ideas they are bombarded with daily they can help clients make the best choice without relying on some stock broker who will play with your hard-earned money just to up their own commission check!

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Honey Birdette Offers Classy and Sexy Lingerie

The land down under’s premiere lingerie brand, Honey Birdette is expanding their retail stores from three to forty in the United Kingdom alone by the end of 2018. The company was founded in 2006 by Brisbane based female entrepreneur, Eloise Monaghan. Honey Birdette is the first sensuality boutique to open that is based in Australia.

Currently, Honey Birdette has 55 Australia-based stores. The brand has had an unprecedented %374 increase in online sales in the United States over the past year. The expansion is aimed at providing a better experience for their customers; including faster delivery and easier returns.

Honey Birdette’s lingerie styles reflect mystery, adventure, and sensuality of their home country of Australia. The Honey Birdette style is unique. The lingerie is mostly colored soft metallic nudes, reds, and blacks, with the occasional jewel tone. Their lingerie show just the right amount of skin. You will look classy, elegant and undeniably sexy and timeless.

The lingerie is the perfect combination of sexy and sophisticated. It is perfect to wear for a boudoir photo shoot to give as a gift to your newfound spouse or to wear on Valentine’s day, or just to wear every day to feel your own sensuality. The bras start at 60 pounds, and the briefs start at 35 pounds. Mix and match colors to express your own individuality. Honey Birdette’s lingerie is understated enough to be simple, thoughtful enough to be sophisticated, and sexy enough to fit your persona. Embrace your feminine side with Honey Birdette’s expanding and classic collection.

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Bruce Bent II Knows What it Takes to Run the Successful Company

Since Bruce Bent II has been working with the Double Rock Corporation, he has come a long way. He knows what he needs to do and he also knows that there are many chances that he will have to make things better for the people who he works with. As the company has grown, Bruce Bent II has made choices that will make it better and that will bring more opportunities to those who are in different situations. He also knows that there are many chances that he can take to improve the company that he works with. As someone who is able to try new things with the options that he has, Bruce Bent II knows that the Double Rock Corporation will only get better as it continues to grow so that he can offer new opportunities to people who are in different areas.

While Bruce Bent II is working at different things with the company and while he knows the right way to change things, he also knows that doing all of this will make things better for people who are working with the Double Rock Corporation. There are many different ways that Bruce Bent II can bring new technology options and financial options to the people who he works with. Whether he is doing things with businesses, is working with individuals or providing people with simple solutions, he is trying to use the Double Rock Corporation to bring the change that is necessary for the financial industry.

As the Double Rock Corporation continues to get bigger and better, Bruce Bent II knows what he has to do to make things better. He also knows that there needs to be different options that people will be able to enjoy while they are in different situations. Because of the options that Bruce Bent II has for his business, he wants to show people what they will get out of the situations that they are in and out of the options that they have to make things better in their careers. All of this has led to the Double Rock Corporation growing and getting better.

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Andrew Rolfe Saves Lives In Africa

As Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, it was Andrew Rolfe’s responsibility to make sure the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala went smoothly. No surprise to anyone in attendance, everything went as planned and they even exceeded their funding goal and were able to raise over $900,000. This money is going to be used in the school system Ubuntu Fund created in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This is an area ravished by poverty and crime, and the children there are often not provided with healthcare or given the opportunity to attend school. The Ubuntu Fund gives them hope and seeks to provide them with a safe space to learn and grow into successful adults. The organization intends to build a pediatric clinic right on the campus for any of their students to use. They are also going to increase in size so they are able to support more students who need help.

There were over 300 people that attended the gala dinner and every one of them was eager to do whatever they could to help these children in need. There were several people invited to speak at the event, and these people shared their stories about how the fund helped them and led them toward a brighter future. Sinesipho Rabidyani was one of these people, and she spoke about how she grew up in a poor family with an alcoholic father. She was awarded a scholarship by the Ubuntu Fund and was just recently accepted into law school. She attributes her success to the organization.

When Andrew Rolfe is not organizing galas and helping children through the Ubuntu Fund, he serves are the Senior Managing Director at Towerbrook Capital Partners. With that company, he is involved in various investment opportunities throughout the United States and Europe. He focuses on the sectors in the food, retail, and hospitality areas.

Andrew has a bachelor degree of the arts from the University of Oxford and he also has a master’s degree in Business Economics from the Harvard Business School. In 2003, he worked at the President of GAP’s International Division and kept an eye on the stores in German, Japan, France, and the United Kingdom.


How Securus Technologies Helps Locate Drugs in Jail

I am part of a team of corrections officers in a very crowded jail who have to do everything possible to keep the inmates from getting their hands on drugs. A normally calm inmate can do heroin or crack cocaine and turn into an animal. Under the influence of drugs, these inmates become extremely violent, often needing several officers to contain one inmate. Multiply that by a large amount of drugs and several inmates, and we could have a deadly situation on our hands.


To keep the drugs from ever getting into the hands of the inmates, we have to start our efforts at the inmate and visitor center. Each visitor is warned not to bring anything inside the jail for risk of imprisonment, and we check everyone thoroughly. Despite using electronic scanners and doing full-body searches, drugs still find their way into the jail. What we did have available to us was a newly updated inmate call monitoring system that would give us the ability to make more progress than ever before.


Securus Technologies installed the new monitoring system, and currently it is working in over 2,600 jails around the country. The CEO of this company, Richard Smith, talks about how all of his employees are committed to the objective of making this world safe for us all. Once my team learned how to use the LBS software, we were amazed at how fast we could collect information on illegal contraband in the jail.


Call after call, we started hearing chatter about inmates talking about selling drugs to other inmates, how drugs were brought into the jail, and who was on the outside helping inmates get their hands on contraband. Each day we are able to tighten up our facility and rid the system of drugs that used to infest this location.


He Plays. He Scores.

Meet Finance Manager Casio Audi, or should I say Rock Legend Drummer Cassio Audi? This new investment advisor was not always a finance expert. In fact, he was once a drummer for the popular band known around the world as none other than Viper – a band of teenage hooligans on a mission to change society with their music and lyrics. In fact, they were quite successful at one point. This heavy metal rock band is no longer around but they were once remembered for beating Nirvana off the charts. Popular songs included a Cry From the Edge, Be Hurt, Car Alarm, Come on Come on, Critical Overture, 30 White Boy, Do It All Again, Dreamer, HR, Illusions, Killera, Princes of Hell, Law of the Sword, Love is All, Miles Away, Moonlight, Nightmares, Prelude to Oblivion, Rising Sun, Sons of the Night, Soldier Boy, Soldiers of Sunrise, Theater of Fate, This is Real Hard-core, To Live Again, Violet the Whipper, At Least a Chance, Wings of the Evil and more.

Many demo albums were released as well, primarily from 1985 to 1987. Even though Audi left music in 1989 once and for all, he’s still considered an unforgettable musician. Many from past generations, and even today’s current music fans, know about him. Audi and his band have traveled Europe, Asia and the U.S. with their music. Viper played heavy-metal, thrash metal, alternative rock and power metal.

Audi would play the drums, “and he certainly played” as they say: He played, and he “scored” every single time. Viper originally got its name and inspired taste in rock through Iron Maiden, a British rock band of the ’80s. Audi is also fluent in both English and Spanish and speaks Portuguese well. He has acquired both his BS and his MBA in finances.

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Netpicks: Helping Traders Earn Profit

Established in 1996, Netpicks Trading Strategies, a financial company based in Irving, Texas, is considered to be the gold standard when it comes to trading education. They are giving out information to those people who wanted to learn about trading, as well as those who are still new in the world of trading. They provide strategies on trading with Futures, Stocks, Forex, and other investments. Netpicks has been around for more than 25 years, assisting regular traders to become successful and dominate the world of trading. Netpicks have a team of dedicated professionals who are working to train and assist their clients how to trade. Headed by Mark Soberman, the company only employs staffs who have a background in trading. They are real professionals, and have been in the field for some time. They are passionate to share their knowledge and help people attain their trading goals. They will be handling a coaching session to those who are interested to become full time traders, and they have divided their trading system in to two major groups: these are the full time career seekers and part time income seekers. The training is done in a matter of minutes, and there is no need to attend seminars or lessons that would go on for so many months.

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Netpicks is changing the way people are thinking about trading.  One can follow them at their page.  They are actually helping a lot of people because of these techniques and strategies that they are read to share. One of the latest strategies that they have recently shared is the “Lock and Walk” strategy. Following the technology sell off that took place recently, investors and traders are starting to feel nervous about their stocks and investment in the technology sector. With this lock and walk strategy, markets which are choppy could still become profitable, without any guarantees.   Check this for a related article.  The strategy’s design is to show respect and support the resistance level of a number of stock codes, particularly NDX, QID and QLD. People should remember four points when dealing with this strategy:

  1. If QLD is testing the support, target resistance to sell.
  2. If the support breaks, QLD must be sold.
  3. If QID is testing the resistance, target support to sell.
  4. If the resistance breaks, QID must be sold

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Lime Crime Offers Options For People Who Want A Life Without Limits

Makeup is many things to many different people. Men, and women who don’t make much use of it, tend to think of makeup in utilitarian terms. They think of makeup as a way to touch upon very specific issues. A person wants to change one feature, and she uses makeup to handle the task. But there’s a whole world to explore beyond the utilitarian model. Some makeup brands concentrate on helping women make larger changes to their appearance. And one brand in particular, called Lime Crime, is helping women achieve results that they could have only imagined before. In fact, customers are referred to as unicorns due to the fact that they’re able to make their dreams into reality.


Lime Crime is both a product line and a company. And both were created to promote an idea which simply didn’t exist elsewhere in the fashion world. The brand isn’t simply taking an existing idea to the next level. Instead, it’s about rethinking the entire idea of how people relate to cosmetics.


One important point is the fact that it’s vegan and cruelty free. The company has held to those ideals from the very start. And this was at a time when most other cosmetic companies were hardly willing to address the issue in even the most tentative way. But it isn’t just revolutionizing how makeup is created and sold. It’s also revolutionized what people are able to do with cosmetics.


The first thing someone will usually notice about the brand is how varied the line is. Most cosmetics follow a fairly predictable pattern. The naming schemes might vary by brand, but the general intended effect is usually pretty uniform. Lime Crime did away with that idea. Instead of focusing on a limited number of end effects, the brand emphasises creativity. Again, this focus on helping people create their ideal and unique look is why customers are called unicorns. It’s a brand for artists and people with an artistic vision. For people who want to be the center of attention without needing to say even a single word. But most of all it’s a brand which focuses on high standards for production and high standards for the results one can expect.

Concessions, Concessions, Concessions

Brazilian infrastructural expert and basic sanitation serviceman – Felipe Montoro Jensen – mentions the importance of recent concessions generated throughout the country’s BNDES as subject to debate. Such initiative has been well-received by the country’s water sector and thus awaits further review. A recent interview took place last May, in which Jens interviewed Edison Carlos, who currently serves as a founding president of Tata Brazil, a top company focused on Brazilian sanitation needs. In the recent interview, both gentlemen made important points regarding a new initiative and offered several perspectives – both positive and negative – for the future implications of the country’s sanitation solutions presented. Both members noted important necessities as well as recent water waste level decreases that have steadily declined.


90 percent of Brazil’s basic sanitation involves public power while another 70 percent deals with service organizational initiatives. Thus, Edison claims that more may be done as private initiatives are just as important as public initiatives and that these two management forms must only work together – and not in contradictory fashion as they have been.


Adapting the bank to its projects for needs in each place is important: Losing water is a main cause of losing financial flow and resources within the Brazilian financial sector as many are not even aware of. Since it’s not possible to receive such services when there’s so much waste involved, the country must first handle the immediate problem.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a valued infrastructure expert. He has studied his field for nearly three decades. He has also made several recent news headlines.


In addition, he’s one of the top leaders in infrastructure and sanitation in his area. He genuinely cares about concessions done properly. He has studied management and has been a top executive concessions leader for many years.

Susan McGalla – Sharing her Views on how Women can Achieve Success in their Career

Susan McGalla is a familiar name in the management and branding consultancy world and is known for achieving benchmark success in her career in a short period through remarkable performance. She is known for speaking at various high profile events, and have spoken at major events such as at Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University Conference. Susan McGalla is also credited for founding one of the most sought after consulting firm, P# Executive Consulting LLC.

Recently, she spoke and discussed how the women should plan their career to be successful and make their mark in their respective workplace. One of the first thing advice she gives to women is to focus on their finance and start saving early for their college education. Susan McGalla believes that education plays a pivotal role in the success, whether one chooses to be an entrepreneur or work as an employee at a company. The second advice she gives to women is to build a support network in their place of work and network with the influencers in their workplace as well as their sector. Susan says that it is essential for women to showcase exemplary discipline and work ethics for their efforts to be recognized. Such qualities are what employers look for in their employees, and are essential for getting promotions and achieve higher designation in the employer’s organization.

The research on women employees in the country has seen drastic development in the past few decades. In 1950, only about 20 percent of the women worked outside of their home, but today that figure has reached close to 50 percent. And, of the 50 percent of women that consist of the total workforce of the country, around 14 percent holds high-level executive positions. Susan McGalla understands that women do face few more challenges than men when it comes to progress in their career, but it can be changed when women exhibit high ethics and discipline at the workplace.

P3 Executive Consulting LLC, headed by Susan McGalla, is a firm known across the country for offering a comprehensive range of administrative and managerial consulting services to organizations, private corporations, government entities, individuals, academic institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and more. Even though Susan McGalla expertise ranges across the management topics, she is widely known for branding and marketing, in the industry. Susan McGalla believes in women empowerment and regularly shares her thoughts online about how women can achieve great success in their career.