Securus Technology Expertise in Prison and Public Safety

Securus Technology Incorporation is a penitentiary technology company in the United States. The organization was founded in 1986 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Currently, the company has regional offices located in Allen, Atlanta, Georgia, and Carrolton. Securus Technology not only serves in the United States but also in Canada. It works with at least 2,200 Correctional facilities in the two countries.


Securus Technologies Incorporation offers civil and criminal justice technological solutions for correctional facilities as well as for public safety. Some of the safety solutions it specializes in include incident management, inmate self-service, emergency response and information management among other services. These services enable law enforcement bodies and cities collect, store and disseminate information crucial for public security and mobile law execution.


Securus Technologies Incorporation has helped us in maintaining public safety as well as catering for the needs of inmates in correctional services. For over ten years now, we have depended on the technology solutions rendered by Securus. The company has been dedicated to assisting us in improving and maintaining public safety and transforming the detention setting of inmates. The reporting data provided by Securus has also enabled us to intensify measures for monitoring and doing away with occurrences of contraband in our facilities.


The investigative tools offered by Securus have made our work easier. In cases of harassment complaints and sometimes potential threats to the security personnel and the community as a whole, the tools enable our staff to carry out extensive and detailed research courtesy of the investigative tools. The monitoring of some inmate calls has provided classified information for crimes committed. The LBS software, when combined with other relevant law enforcement bodies, has helped in recovering drugs, money and assets worth millions. Securus’ LBS software and the Investigator Pro services make it the leading jail phone supplier in the industry.


DR Mark McKenna Mission To Develop Quality Healthcare Systems

Dr. Mark McKenna is a licensed doctor. He obtained his license from the Georgia and Florida committee of medical examiners. Grown and raised in New Orleans, McKenna developed a keen interest in the health sector and currently serves his local community with passion and a lot of dedication. Dr. McKenna obtained his medical degree from the University of Tulane.

After graduating from the University of Tulane. Mark set out to establish his medical partition while at the same the same time, practicing medicine with his father within the health sector. The young startup medical venture that he founded is known as the McKenna venture investments. At the time of establishing McKenna Venture investments, his firm was a small briefcase real estate developer.

After gaining the necessary experience, McKenna went on to acquire both Uptown Tittle Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. Now running three real estate companies, his firms were able to provide employment opportunities for more than 50 individuals. His companies use a turnkey design approach in the real estate sector while providing its clients with other unique real estate services that include the provision of closing services to its paying customers.

Following 2005’s hurricane (Katrina) most of his real estate developments were washed away. Other properties in New Orleans were destroyed too; this led to the establishment of low to middle-income residential units.

Two years came to pass, and McKenna relocated to Atlanta where he set up a new company known as ShapeMed. This new group has placed its focus on the developments of aesthetic based medical products alongside health and wellness products. After ShapeMed was sold through acquisition, a deal was made to enable McKenna to serve as national health director in the company that had acquired his. McKenna served in this position till 2016.

In July 2017, McKenna set up a new firm known as OVME where he is the CEO. The primary objective of OVME is the provision of superior healthcare while at the same time transforming the electoral health care system. The main reason McKenna established OVME was to provide excellent medical services while initiating a positive disruption in the pharmaceutical industry.

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Neurocore: Aiding In The Diagnoses Of Mental Health Disorders

Neurocore is an organization that is providing a revolutionary way to diagnose and treat patients who are suffering from mental health disorders. The organization works with some of the latest developments in neuroscience, coupled with the latest technology to give patients some of the most precise and correct results of their brains. The technology that the company uses is revolutionizing the way that people with mental health view their conditions, and is helping break the stigma associated with mental health issues. Neurocore has been receiving an incredible amount of feedback from the industry owing to the kind of services that they offer. The organization is being seen as a revolutionary and much-needed step towards helping patients who are diagnosed with these disorders. The organization is currently only operational in two states, which is Florida and Michigan. The company operates out of the numerous centers that they have in these two states and has been able to provide appropriate diagnoses to thousands of patients who come to them from all around the country. Follow Neurocore on Facebook.

Neurocore wanted to be able to provide their patients with an all-around testing system so that they can provide them with the most efficient results. The company works to give their patients multiple tests so that they can paint the overall picture and understand what is going on inside their brains. The organization has been able to make groundbreaking developments in the field as a result of this technology that they have implemented. The company knows that not all the patients that come to them are alike, and some may need a different set of tests from others around them. For this purpose, the company believes in personalizing every testing system according to the needs and symptoms of the patients coming to them. This helps them get a much better diagnosis for their patients, and also offers them a more detailed and well thought out treatment plan that can work to tackle their particular disorders efficiently. Read more at about Neurocore.

Though the testing that they have in place, Neurocore has been able to aid in the diagnoses of various types of mental health disorder. Right from ADHD, Depression, Autism to Anxiety, Sleep Disorders and Stress, the company has helped patients with it all, providing them with the treatment options that they need to get better.


Give Talkspace a Try and Talk To a Professional

Have you ever wanted to talk to a professional therapist, but did not want to go to an office. Talkspace is the new app that is making mental health issues easier to deal with for patients and professionals. This app can be downloaded to your iPhone or other smartphone, then you can get the help you need without the hassles associated with seeing a therapist in person.

Talkspace is based out of New York City, but the app is available to anyone with a mobile device. It allows users to choose from a wide range of therapists with different specialties and areas of expertise.

All therapists are fully licensed and have been background verified, so that you are only dealing with the best professionals. You will not be judged, because all the same privacy guidelines apply to them as in any traditional therapist in their office. Therapists can help with problems like anxiety, depression, sexual problems, and all types of issues. These are people that understand that your needs are personal and what you are going through is legitimate. They can help you make new and positive changes in your life.

The limitations of waiting for an appointment are no problem with Talkspace. You will be able to get an appointment right away, waiting only minutes instead of weeks or months for a qualified therapist. The app is easy to use and can be downloaded straight to your mobile device. There are several different plans and payment options, making Talkspace the best way to see a therapist and keep up with your own busy time schedule. No longer is seeing a therapist time consuming or problematic, thanks to the new app that is changing lives.

Give Talkspace a try, because your mental health is important. Thousands of trained expert therapists are waiting to talk with you right now.

Urban Growth through Boraie Development

Omar Boraie is a dreamer, and for around forty years he has appreciated the exceptional potential in New Brunswick. Omar’s recent investment is in the heart of The Aspire. The city will be a home to an incredible luxurious residential, high elevated building. According to a blog published by Central Jersey Working Moms, for decades, the project has been his dream, and he is happy that it is coming to realization.

The head of Boraie Development, Omar Boraie, acknowledges that the project had many disbelievers for many years. He aspired to be in a position to rebuild the city of New Brunswick in the same way he saw in Europe when he was traveling as a student. He stated that the area looked terrible and he knew that he could make it better, and this is where his dream began. Check out Fundacity to see more.

At the moment, Omar has a magnificent view from his office located on the eighth floor. Initially, the area comprised of twenty-one structures on the same block and they were all disintegrating. With anticipation, Omar started purchasing all these buildings. Once he bought all of them, his plan started. Despite many people thinking he was insane, he was just a dreamer well ahead of time.

In a blog posted by Central Jersey Working Moms, the first building to put up was known as Tower One. It was built in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and it was for office space. Tower Two was the second building, and it was put up next to the first tower. Despite the towers being a perfect beginning, Omar Boraie realized that there was a desperate need for luxurious residential space as well. Omar’s vision there was a luxurious building in the area. Erected at twenty-five stories high, the structure comprised of one hundred and twenty-one residential units. There was also huge space allocated for retail businesses, offices, parking area, and places outside for dog walking and even barbecues.

Boraie Development provides an array of services centered on all sections of metropolitan real estate market: managing property, development real estates and marketing and selling real estates. The company is committed to building stunning properties as well as offering unparalleled service to their customers. Managing their properties is a crucial part of the company’s strategy.

Boraie Development also maintains its properties with excellent detail and carries out physical enhancements on an on-going basis. The company’s local sales team works together impeccably with property management and real estate development to understand the key residential and commercial factors for all developments in the firm.

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Welcome To The Neighborhood

A World Wide Appeal At A Local Shop

We know you’re more than what your neighborhood entails.

It would be foolish of us if we didn’t offer the best in local banking. If we gave you great local services, we’d have to give the world platform also. Modern technology won’t allow us to do one without the other. You need great accommodation for where you live and then world-class access to the international market.

Flexibility is what it means for NextBank to have worldwide appeal but at a local level. Nothing is taken out of the equation or compromised for something we didn’t explain up front. Our objective is to give the Dallas, Texas locals access to the world we know they need.

We’re not fooled by our own neighborhood.

The status of Wall Street, Hollywood or Europe should be at a finger’s distance. We achieve that convenience for you and through modern banking. NextBank adjusted everything about world banking to make this a bite-sized service for you.

We offer this package made from a great deal of financial influence.

Let’s Get Clear About A Few Things

Let’s be clear on how we’re able to localize your banking to one place.

The secret we have is an amazing staff. We’ve gathered together the best in finance and then brought them under a Dallas, Texas roof. Of course, they couldn’t have chosen a better bank or a better neighbor like you.

NextBank knows.

It takes New York professionals to invest your money the right way. We’ve encouraged the biggest and the brightest to work for you here instead. Here’s what makes NextBank stand out. Our agency is more than a local service provider. We’re a sure bet to peaking the ROI you’re going to get just right down the block.

Welcome to the next generation.

The Many Reasons Why Rocketship Education Did So Well

Preston Smith is a leader of Rocketship Education, currently its president and CEO. It was founded in 2007 to help people get great educations despite being born in the least economically-yielding areas in the cities they live in.

Smith learned a number of things throughout the many years he’s spent as an early childhood educator. He started his career in San Jose, in the Golden State. Joining the ranks of a nearby elementary school in 2001 after returning home from North Carolina, earning a bachelor’s degree in Latin American Studies to better get along with Hipanic students and their families. About one-fifth of their overall enrollment doesn’t speak English as their first language.

Rather than allowing them to learn in Spanish, teachers help t hem learn English from an early age, far before most educational institutions hosting grades kindergarten through fifth grade do so.

Parents that are not in opposition of moving their children to wherever the best schools are should change their willingness to do so. If multiple parents band together and form their own schools like Preston Smith did with the help of many others in 2004 in San Jose, existing schools will be forced to do better than they ever have to keep enrollment high. Actions say lots more than words, something that every parent should learn.

Teachers get feedback on a frequent basis to help mold their actions and goals in the classroom. Some students respond well to certain methods of instruction, causing administrators to coach them on a weekly basis, or even more frequently.

Rocketship Education is truly a leader in personalized education and improvement of projected careers of those hailing from low-income areas and families, taking the same role Preston Smith wanted it to have since he created the school system nearly two decades ago.

Lime Crime Provides a Solution For People With Dark Hair

Lime Crime just released a daringly dark set of colors to the Unicorn Hair Collection in time for Fall. Lime Crime is renowned for their vegan and cruelty-free beauty products, quickly becoming a cult leader in the digital beauty space.

In their all new palette you’ll find Chestnut, a powerful maroon; Squid, a truly out-of-this-world purple; Charcoal, a sleek, sexy grey; and Sea Witch, a spooky green. All of these colors are designed for brunettes and darker haired girls to rep Lime Crime’s signature colors with pride. Here are some ideas for rocking these beautiful new shades this Fall!

Chestnut is a deep reddish-brown with an excellent flat aesthetic. For a look that is earthy and sophisticated, combine it with other neutral colors – Blacks, whites, greys, and creams. This muted color range really gives an air of self-confidence. On the other hand, go with a bold gold accent and turn heads anywhere you go!

Squid brings a deep-sea inspired, inky purple color to anyone looking to go a little fantasy this Fall. This semi-permanent hair dye screams royalty and has the potential to be a show-stopper when combined with other purples, blues, or yellows! For something a little more passive, consider mixing with passive oranges for a burnt sienna aesthetic.

Charcoal is a dusted grey and definitely in style. Grey played an important part in art and fashion in the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and for good reason. Greys are neutral colors, and thus work well with almost any other color. Plan your outfit with warmer colors to have an energetic appearance and saver summer, or use cooler hues to really embrace Fall and the coming briskness of later months.

Sea Witch should be your go-to color for expressing individualism and confidence. Greens are easy to look at and don’t fatigue your eyes as much as something brilliant like yellow. Embrace that minty aesthetic with a deep auburn for something classy, or try neutrals like white for something brisk and seasonal.

Lime Crime really comes out swinging with this new Fall color theme. They make it easy to show everyone your style while promoting a healthy, humane future for blue hair dye and  beauty products. At just $16 per 6.76 fl. oz. bottle, you can rock your inner goth and feel good about it, too!

Greg Secker: Why or Why Not

One thing that Greg Secker said is that there are a couple of common types of approaches to life. There is the “why” approach, and the “why-not” approach. Greg Secker himself considers himself a “why-not guy. This is the type of attitude that is needed in order for people to move forward as well. This is especially needed for being an entrepreneur. Greg Secker himself has decided to take that approach when it comes to opportunities. He has decided “why not give something a chance”. This is how he has gotten into Forex trading. He has also profited from the activity and managed to make a lot of money from it.

In order for anyone to succeed at business, he has to be okay with the risk factor involved. He also has to make piece with the idea that it may not work out for him. This can be hard for people to do, especially if they are a little low on finances. This is one of the reasons to have a lot of money saved up before moving forward with business goals. However, it is not guaranteed to happen. This is one of the reasons that it important to make sure that there is peace with the risks involved.

Greg Secker’s approach has turned out to be successful for him. The success has come with all of the knowledge that he has gained about the market and himself. He would be one of many to say that the Forex market can be very challenging to earn from knowing that the price action of assets is unpredictable. However, there are ways to minimize losses. This involves figuring out patterns. One type of pattern to figure out is the trend. The best way to profit is to trade with the trend.

A Leading Brazilian Rally Driver, Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins is a well-known Brazilian Rally driver. Presently, Terpins is 40 years old and a Rally Team member of the Bull Sertões. He took part in the Sertões Rally 25th edition with navigator Maykel Justo. He won two stages out of three making it to the top five fastest rally drivers in the competition. In the third stage, some mechanical problems forced Michel Terpins to slow down affecting his speed.

Michel Terpins is the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship leader at the moment. After the Marathon stage, his vehicle didn’t receive the necessary mechanical support something that affected his performance. The breaking of his T-Rex #322 gearbox forced him to decelerate. Slowing down was the only alternative left for him to prevent the results from being compromised. Nonetheless, he managed to finish fourth in prototypes T1 and 10th overall despite the challenges.

He has participated in the Sertoes Rally regularly and has a nine-participation record so far. His older brother, Rodrigo Terpins has been involved in the same competition five times. Their love for speed and off-road influenced their decision to set up the Bull Sertões Rally Team. Moreover, the two brothers have been key competitors in the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship and the Sertões Rally in the last four seasons. They have always chosen the T-Rex from MEM Motorsport as their preferred racing car. This year will mark Michael Terpins’ tenth participation in the Sertoes Rally.

Michel Terpins made his debut back in 2002 when he took part in the motorcycle category. He later joined his brother as his sailor in the cars category. Over the last four years, Michel Terpins’s piloting with the T-Rex has significantly evolved. At the moment, his navigator is Maykel Justo who has won four titles over the ten years he has been in the Sertoes Rally.