Sean Penn Twists Tongues With his new Book Bob Honey who Just do Stuff.

Wanting to try something new, Sean Penn, filmmaker, activist and actor has published a book titled Bob Honey who Just do Stuff, through Atria Books publishing in March 2018. The book is a satirical novel about a man Bob Honey, a middle-aged Californian who relates stories of his life and mourns the place American has found itself. The book is heavily peppered with Sean Penn’s political views and philosophical stance. Bob Honey who Just do Stuff is a book that provides a dismayed exposition on the current state of the world.

Sean Penn’s favors a writing style of heavy alliteration and broad vocabulary usage. The linguistic quality of Bob Honey who Just do Stuff gives the book a great sound. Written with a lot of head-rhyme, the book is a snarl of words that growl along in a cadence and lend a feeling of harshness that fits with the book’s diatribe. The intonations of the sentences within the book carry the irritated overtones of the message well. Sean Penn has also placed, within the measured prose of Bob Honey who Just do Stuff words that come from the most obscure corners of the dictionary. Tying together Bob Honey’s existential story are knots of words like “gabion” and “calescent”. Impressively, Sean Penn manages to weave the noun “spizzerinctum” into one of his descriptions. The New York Times describes bob honey who just do stuff as both absurd and genius.

With its thick alliteration and its shadowy vocabulary Bob Honey who Just do Stuff reads like a dismayed poet. It is a book whose messages must be deciphered through its intricate grammar and complex phrasing and the book actively challenges a reader to stay focused. The book, through rich and measured vocabulary, scorches today’s current events and invite a closer look at our world. Bob Honey who Just do Stuff is an upfront social commentary that will twist the tongues of readers everywhere.

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