Securus Technology Expertise in Prison and Public Safety

Securus Technology Incorporation is a penitentiary technology company in the United States. The organization was founded in 1986 and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Currently, the company has regional offices located in Allen, Atlanta, Georgia, and Carrolton. Securus Technology not only serves in the United States but also in Canada. It works with at least 2,200 Correctional facilities in the two countries.


Securus Technologies Incorporation offers civil and criminal justice technological solutions for correctional facilities as well as for public safety. Some of the safety solutions it specializes in include incident management, inmate self-service, emergency response and information management among other services. These services enable law enforcement bodies and cities collect, store and disseminate information crucial for public security and mobile law execution.


Securus Technologies Incorporation has helped us in maintaining public safety as well as catering for the needs of inmates in correctional services. For over ten years now, we have depended on the technology solutions rendered by Securus. The company has been dedicated to assisting us in improving and maintaining public safety and transforming the detention setting of inmates. The reporting data provided by Securus has also enabled us to intensify measures for monitoring and doing away with occurrences of contraband in our facilities.


The investigative tools offered by Securus have made our work easier. In cases of harassment complaints and sometimes potential threats to the security personnel and the community as a whole, the tools enable our staff to carry out extensive and detailed research courtesy of the investigative tools. The monitoring of some inmate calls has provided classified information for crimes committed. The LBS software, when combined with other relevant law enforcement bodies, has helped in recovering drugs, money and assets worth millions. Securus’ LBS software and the Investigator Pro services make it the leading jail phone supplier in the industry.


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