Susan McGalla – Sharing her Views on how Women can Achieve Success in their Career

Susan McGalla is a familiar name in the management and branding consultancy world and is known for achieving benchmark success in her career in a short period through remarkable performance. She is known for speaking at various high profile events, and have spoken at major events such as at Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University Conference. Susan McGalla is also credited for founding one of the most sought after consulting firm, P# Executive Consulting LLC.

Recently, she spoke and discussed how the women should plan their career to be successful and make their mark in their respective workplace. One of the first thing advice she gives to women is to focus on their finance and start saving early for their college education. Susan McGalla believes that education plays a pivotal role in the success, whether one chooses to be an entrepreneur or work as an employee at a company. The second advice she gives to women is to build a support network in their place of work and network with the influencers in their workplace as well as their sector. Susan says that it is essential for women to showcase exemplary discipline and work ethics for their efforts to be recognized. Such qualities are what employers look for in their employees, and are essential for getting promotions and achieve higher designation in the employer’s organization.

The research on women employees in the country has seen drastic development in the past few decades. In 1950, only about 20 percent of the women worked outside of their home, but today that figure has reached close to 50 percent. And, of the 50 percent of women that consist of the total workforce of the country, around 14 percent holds high-level executive positions. Susan McGalla understands that women do face few more challenges than men when it comes to progress in their career, but it can be changed when women exhibit high ethics and discipline at the workplace.

P3 Executive Consulting LLC, headed by Susan McGalla, is a firm known across the country for offering a comprehensive range of administrative and managerial consulting services to organizations, private corporations, government entities, individuals, academic institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and more. Even though Susan McGalla expertise ranges across the management topics, she is widely known for branding and marketing, in the industry. Susan McGalla believes in women empowerment and regularly shares her thoughts online about how women can achieve great success in their career.

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