The Influential Nature of Alex Pall in the Chainsmokers

Alex Pall is one of the genius brains behind popular tracks namely, ‘Do not let me down’ and ‘roses’. Together with his partner Andrew, they make the famous group named the Chainsmokers. Their recent track, Closer, features Halsey who is also a renowned artist. The pair relies on the vocalist and songwriters to spice their music. Moreover, the band has embraced dance music where the feelings and thoughts of the artists are demonstrated.

Alex and Andrew are determined to reveal themselves through this genre of music. While growing, Alex had the hobby of DJ activities around New York. Even though it was his side job, he was passionate about it. At first, he was scared because it was associated with fun rather than being a job. Later, his manager introduced him to Andrew where they cultivated a relationship and started working together.

While in college, Andrew loved electronic music to the point that he started producing it when he completed college. He uploaded some music on SoundCloud while at the same time attending shows to give him enough exposure. Moreover, he interned at Interscope and later joined the Chainsmokers after the departure of one of the duo.

The duo’s ambitious nature enabled them to work together. While Drew was good at music production, Alex had a lot of DJ skills hence their marketing skills were really great. Their success is attributed to their good relationship, determination to become great artists, and hard work.

Taggart insists that the present competition in the industry makes artists continue excelling in their genres. Moreover, he illustrates that an artist’s skills can be improved when he continues to develop his talent. He advises artists to focus on their music and not just rely on one hit that they have released instead of developing new music.

The fact that the two artists write songs about themselves has made them be unique. They applaud Halsey for working with them and developing their musical identity. Furthermore, he attributes their success to social media platforms like Instagram. Views from the listeners have enabled them to judge what their fans want in their music. To keep their audience expanding, the duo plans on doing exciting things to gain the attention of their audience.