Wes Edens Invests in Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center

Wes Edens, the successful investment CEO and Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks an NBA franchise that he is investing in the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center with a $524 million dollar project that is creating the basketball arena and thriving entertainment development that will pay dividends in the future for the Milwaukee Bucks fans and general citizens. Wes Edens is a smart businessman and true innovator within the alternative asset industry by creating opportunities to leverage underperforming and distressed assets to create tremendous returns on investment within these categories. Wes Edens became the Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 and has continued to provide tremendous leadership and guidance that is providing opportunities to create a winning culture within the Bucks organization that will bring them back to championship prowess. Wes Edens has established an opportunity for the Milwaukee Bucks to construct one of the best basketball arenas in the world and produce an opportunity for the city to enjoy some of the best of accommodations and entertainment experiences within the new development.

The Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center which will be constructed on 27 acres of land will create an entertainment district that will be a thriving addition to Milwaukee and its Bucks fans and provide opportunities for business owners and other entrepreneurs to capitalize on this beautifully developed entertainment center. Wes Edens has built a reputation for creating lucrative returns on investment out of distressed and underperforming assets that he stabilize by providing capital resources to innovate and produce positive improvements that create lucrative returns on investments. Wes Edens was educated at Oregon State University where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and also he continued his education and received his Master’s in Business Administration Degree. After a successful college career, Wes Edens joined Lehman Brothers one of the more respected investment firms in the world and it was there where he had an opportunity to develop a skillset within the alternative asset class that provided key returns on investment for the organization and Wes Edens himself. He served as Partner and Managing Director at Lehman Brothers and he provided opportunities for the organization to receive tremendous returns on investment within their private equity categories. After his tenure at Lehman Brothers, he accepted a position at BlackRock Financial Management Incorporated where he served as head of their Private Equity Fund.

Within this position he created tremendous opportunities for the investment company to grow their portfolio through the innovative and creative analysis and evaluation of opportunities within the distressed and underperforming asset classes that created tremendous returns on investment for not only BlackRock Financial Management but for a Wes Edens as well. After the valuable experience at BlackRock Financial, Wes Edens decided to partner up with Rob Kauffman, Peter Briger, Michael Edwards, and Randall Nardone to establish the foundation for Fortress Investment Group. The five partners founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998, and it quickly became one of the more respected and highest performing alternative asset investment firms in the world. At Fortress Investment Group, Wes Edens served as Co-Chief Executive Officer and created an extremely large portfolio and established himself as a billionaire in his own right. With his investment prowess in 2014, he became Co-Owner of the Milwaukee Bucks and quickly began to transition this NBA organization into one of the more trendy and valuable organizations within the NBA by increasing their infrastructure with the development of the Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center. Wes Edens is creating a foundation for future growth within the Milwaukee Bucks franchise by investing in a world-class arena and entertainment complex that will provide lucrative returns on investments for years to come.