Dr. David Samadi’s SMART Method Allows The Nerves To Go Undamaged

Dr. David B Samadi is a urologist who works at Lenox Hill hospital in New York. He is the highest paid doctor in the entire city. He is a urologist and he focuses his time to finding and treating prostate diseases in men.

He is very experienced in the field of urology and has made major contributions to the field. He worked his way up to earning the status as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at his hospital. Before coming to all of this success, he had to conquer a few barriers thrown at him during his early life. To start, Samadi was born into a war stricken neighborhood in Iran. Due to the war and the many dangers attached to it, he and his brother were forced to flee at the young age of fifteen. Without their parents, they made their way to Roslyn, New York where they finished high school. Samadi was lucky enough to be offered a full scholarship to Stony Brook University. He accepted it and earned degree in biochemistry. The next step was to find a career. Samadi knew from a young age that he wanted to help others. He was also very interested in robotic surgery techniques that were arising in the field of prostate treatment.

He found himself drawn towards urology and from here, his career took off. Samadi has since performed almost 10,000 prostate treatments. He has done these treatments in over 45 different countries throughout the world. 90 percent of Samadi’s patients now live cancer free. The reason he is able to perform so well during these surgeries is partly due to the fact that he has an amazingly vivid photographic memory.

He is able to look at a diagram or drawing and quickly locate the same areas during a procedure. Another reason he has such a high percentage of success is due to the robotic surgery technique that he developed. The system is called SMART and stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. The treatments allows for much higher accuracy when working around the nerves in the prostate. The nerves are very sensitive and often damaged during traditional surgeries. Samadi’s SMART method allows the nerves to go undamaged and results in much fewer side effects. Samadi is a well rounded, intelligent man. He is determined and dedicated to helping others. He has made many contributions to the urology industry.

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