Tammy Mazzocco: The Ohio Real Estate Agent Extraordinaire

Are you in need of buying a nice house or property at an affordable price? Have you ever heard of the amazing and magnificent Tammy Mazzocco from Columbus, Ohio? Well, she is an extraordinary real estate agent from the greater part of Columbus in wonderful Ohio. Recently, Mazzocco has been helping homeowners take advantage of Ohio’s real estate market. In recent years, Ohio has become one of the top areas to see an increase in real estate value. Condos and homes in the Ohio area are going from a median salary price of around $200,000 and keeps increasing as time goes on. It is approximately 8.1 percent higher than last year. Just last month, home values went up by one percent, which ended up shocking real estate analysts. More details can be found on Ideamensch.

Home values seem to be skyrocketing higher than ever before. Houses are going all the way up in value that a national homebuilder has announced to make plans to be able to create approximately 240 new homes in New Albany, Ohio around next year. This will bring a whole batch of clients to come looking for owning a house in that wonderful area of New Albany. Tammy Mazzocco is spearheading the notion of helping clients buy and sell houses. Especially if the house is going up in value, that client will make enough money to go buy another house where ever they desire.

Now on to Mazzocco, as we know she is an accomplished real estate agent from Columbus, Ohio. She credits her success in real estate, thanks to her education. She went to The Ohio State University College of the Arts and Sciences in 1993. She was always a smart and persistent student because that was the only way to keep her grades up. She acquired skills such as asking questions when it was needed and also talking in front of an audience, which greatly helped her later in the future. She started her career in real estate in 1995 as a secretary with the Edwards Realty Company. In 1999, she found her passion in real estate and liked the process of meeting people to talk about houses and condos, which effectively her passion. She decided to go full time in this lucrative career and never looked back after that.

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