The Reasons to Use Lime Crime

Of the many makeup brands to use, one makeup brand stands out in particular due to the bright and bold colors that the creator uses as well as the positive attitude that this brand name promotes to individual customers all over the world that are looking for a new way to wear makeup. This brand name is known as Lime Crime and was created by Doe Deere in 2008 as an alternative brand to other makeups. Doe Deere created Lime Crime in order to change the way that her customers put on makeup in the morning. Rather than encouraging a makeup that eliminates blemishes as well as imperfections, Doe Deere created a product that can be used to express emotions and to create a new and fun way to wear makeup. The goal of Doe Deere is to promote confidence among her customers and to make sure that they have an infectious smile when wearing the makeup that she has created.


Doe Deere has always been a creative individual and has made sure that this name brand of makeup is unique just like her personality. What makes Lime Crime a unique brand is the fact that the company produces colors that are bright and bold that are meant to be used on the cheeks, the lips, as well as the eyes. As the name of the company suggests, one of Doe Deere’s favorite colors to use on her clients is the color of lime which she believes brings out the beautiful features of all of her clients.


For future plans for her company, Doe Deere hopes to continue to expand her company and to make the brand of makeup available to individuals all over the world that are looking for a new type of makeup. The products that are created by Doe Deere and her team of experts are of the highest quality and will remain that way due to her dedication. Doe Deere loves her customers and makes sure that each and every customer has a say in the products that she makes in order to make them happy.

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