The top secrets about Drew Madden that many people ought to know

Drew Madden is an entrepreneur in health IT. The Verona-based It consultant has studied Bachelor of Science Engineering at University of Iowa College of Engineering.

The experience does Drew Madden have before joining Nordic Consulting Partners Inc.

Before he could be the head of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc., Drew Madden had served in two companies. The first is at Corner Corporation between 2001 and 2005. Here, he started his career as an IT in health implementing and advising the projects of the company. Secondly, he also served as the head of some department at Healthia Consulting Inc., from 2005 to 2010. He also served as a consultant in this company before joining his current place of work, Nordic Consulting Partners Inc.

Achievements of Drew Madden as the CEO of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc.

The renowned consultant joined this great company in 2010, and within two years, there was a tremendous change in both service delivery as well as the client base in the company. In addition to being the head of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc., Madden was also responsible for the client relations, the general development of the organization as well as the recruitment of new employees. It is from these three roles that the medical software giant has moved the company to a higher level.

As the head of the customer relations, he has ensured that the clients to this company are served well, and that has made the population of the client partners rise from the three that were being served previously to now more than 150. He has also been the head of the development department of the organization. Today, Nordic Consulting Partners Inc. is one of the nation’s fast-growing business enterprises and with the highest assets worth more than $100million. As the head of recruitment sector in the company, Drew has strived to provide the employees with the most competitive wages so as not to wander looking for better-paying jobs. He also helps in the facilitation of motivation of the employees of Nordic Consulting Partners Inc.

Drew Madden is an exemplary leader, manager, and CEO from whom several young and old people should learn.

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