Twenty Somethings Investing with Chris Linkas

Being a twenty something can be a huge advantage when it comes to the world of investing. There are several advantages to gain when looking to invest at such a young age. There are several places people in their twenties can go for investment information. One such place is London based European Credit Group headed by its European Head of Credit Chris Linkas. Since being the European Head of Credit since 2003 Chris Linkas provides investment knowledge to youngsters in areas such as time management, risk taking, knowledge by action, and using technology. A young person who starts investing in their twenties is already off to a great start because they have the most precious commodity on their side which is time. Investing by using compound interest is a huge advantage for those with time on their side ( Based off a 5% interest rate a person at the age of twenty can take a $10,000 investment and grow it to over $70,000 by the age of sixty.

When a person is in their twenties their age allows them to be able to take more risks with their investments. Meaning that he or she can invest money in more volatile financial sectors that have the possibility of providing huge financial rewards. When a person is near retirement they tend to invest in less volatile lower performing financial vehicles such as CD’s or bonds. As mentioned earlier these youngsters can received investment advice from people such as the Chris Linkas European Credit Group on investing money in places such as commercial real estate, leases, renewables, and performing asset backed investments. Being a younger investor gives a person an advantage of learning from successes or failings. In this day and age many twenty something investors are very tech intelligent which allows them to use technology to examine online trading formats.

Being able to invest young creates a major advantage for twenty somethings from receiving advice from the Chris Linkas group, to studying on their own which can no doubt provide them a great chance for success later in life.



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