Hussein Sajwani was born between 1952 and 1953 to an entrepreneur father who had a shop where he sold watches and goods imported from China. Sajwani started his career in the finance department in Abu Dhabi gas industries.In 1981. After two years Usain started a catering venture which is still operating to now.curently referred as global logistic service.In 2002 he established Damac properties which became one of the largest development companies in 2015. The company got listed with share traded on Dubai financial market.



Damac project includes; golf course designed by tiger woods and managed by trump organization, luxury apartments by Italian fashion –vecase and Fendi, luxury villas styled by Bugatti and also paramount hotels and resorts.sajwani also was also listed among 100 most globally influential Arabs by gulf business in 2017.Damac properties are a real estate development that has undertaken real estate development process thus earning its ionic position in the industry.Sajwani and Donald Trump are close allies who have been undertaking development projects together. The most recent development project involved the construction of trump international golf club worth 2billion. Their project together has strengthened the relationship between the two families and also Sajwani revealed to be more close to Ivanka Trump and Donald d trump junior.



At 57 years old Sajwani has supported Damac properties greatly by employing qualified engineers, and ethical leadership structure.Damac properties have expanded significantly to open up Canada, Turkey, and South Africa due to continued interactions with Donald Trump, Damac properties have received a name and earn goodwill from the general public due to exemplary performance. The Damac company has contributed profoundly to changing lives of many people especially the disadvantaged as it has employed almost 2000 people and this has been a gift in Dubai; Dubai is involved in construction projects of the company.Damac properties was established as the primary source of Husain’s revenue for it is the leader in development in Dubai. Most of all Damac has become world-renowned and respected for their expertise.As a result of the excellent relationship with the Trump, family.sajwani is confident to continue to work with trump organization thus increasing the popularity of Damac properties. Learn more:


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