Wes Edens discusses his Journey in becoming a Successful entrepreneur

Wesley Edens is a co-founder and the chief operations officer at the Fortress Investment Group. He also serves as the company’s head of private equity investments, chief operations officer and the co-chief executive officer. Before starting this company, Wes was serving as a CEO at Newcastle Investments Limited. He has also served in the CEO capacity at his company and as the managing director of the Union Bank among other posts. He is also a co-owner at Milwaukee Bucks. Wesley has a wealth of opportunity in business management and this is coupled with excellent people and communication skills. He shares insights into the values and practices that have helped him achieve the level of success that he is currently enjoying.

When asked about the daily routine that he has adhered to over the years on the road to success, Wes Edens states that he always starts the day with meditation. He adds that this is the time that he visualizes the day and the achievements that he is hoping to make. The peace that comes from the practice enables him to stay calm and focused throughout the day. Wes Edens is currently ranked at position 369 of the wealthiest entrepreneurs on the planet. Wesley has a net worth of more than two billion dollars. Wesley states that one of the trends that he still finds very attractive to him is the aspect of setting your eyes on a goal and staying on the course until what you dreamed has been actualized. Wes Edens believes that it is this inherent sense of direction that has always helped him make decisions about the next step to make in investment.

Wes Edens adds that interacting with people who are both like-minded and even some whose views are very different from his own has helped him expand his knowledge and use the gained experience to make successful business decisions. When asked what he thinks about the future of investments in private equities, Wes Edens states that the field is growing and more people are finding it important to diversify their investment portfolio. His future plans include investing in investor education to teach people more about private equity. When Wesley is not working at his company, he relaxes at home or watches his team, the Milwaukee Bucks playing. Wes Edens is an inspirational leader in business and a thought leader in entrepreneurship. He has already created a legacy which will live many years.

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