Why Wes Edens Ties His Great Success to Vision and Boldness

Besides having a vision, a great investor needs to be bold. Boldness is a sign of leadership. Most of the successful investors in the private equity sector like Wes Edens show unusual boldness and passion for business matters. No one can deny that Wes is a successful businessman with global attachments and influence. Although he has made many headlines in the business news as a thriving entrepreneur, most people don’t know his other business version. He is also the chairman of the Fortress Investment Group and its co-founder as well. When a person is associated with the success such a global company, you can’t undermine their business influence and leadership skills. No one would ever say succeeding in business is a pick-and-go thing. One must have a perpetual driving force within them to achieve the great things they wish to get.

One way to keep Wes Edens excited is discussing business matters in his presence. Although there are several asset management companies today, it’s hard to come across any greater than Fortress Group. He has shown great commitment and selfless administration at Fortress Investment Group. Most of his leadership skills might have come from the quality of education he got. He is among the business gurus who are well-schooled, and those who studied at some of the learning institutions with a global impact. As a bright Oregon State University finance graduate, Wes understands the finance sector better. He also went to the same university to study business administration, a course that opened his eyes wide on business matters.

It’s wrong to assume Wes Edens got into the finance career the other day. He worked at Lehman Brothers for several years holding different positions till 1993 when he left. He used to be the managing director and a serious partner at Lehman. He then found another job opportunity at a New York global investment company called BlackRock. Wes was not in BlackRock in 1997 since he had already quit with the intention to become a Fortress Investment Group co-founder. He co-founded this noble company with some other passionate individuals like Robert Kauffman, Peter Briger, Michael Novogratz, and Randal Nardone. Fortress Investment Group was the only buyout company that allowed the public to trade its shares. No other company ever did this before. Wall Street Journal could not watch in silence the massive strides Fortress Investment Group took under the leadership of Wes Edens. The journal disclosed and published that creative financing and unsurpassed skills were the secrets behind this great transformation Wes brought to Fortress Investment Group.

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